Sudden weight loss, sudden fear

Gosh…it’s a long time since I used the forum but am back with a new name. Caterpillar Girl, not just my favourite ever song but a name that reminds me of the changes I have gone through since my primary dx back in 2009.

Any way, I have been muddling through with the odd scare here and there since but my weight has plummeted from 10 stone to 8’10 in just 12 weeks. I have a cough but I smoke, I have bone pain in my ribs and back but a scan last year revealed fractures so no further investigation was taken. I am always tired but I work 6 days a week. I’m scared x

Hi Caterpillar girl.
I would be scared too. Try and think that there are so many different things that are benign that could be at the bottom of the weight loss. Have you done anything different like more exercise, or changed diet?
I’m sending you a big hug and hope everything’s ok :slight_smile:
x x x

I think you should go and get things checked out Caterpillar girl if only to put your mind at rest. I don’t smoke but I also have had a lingering cough for more than three weeks. I know there’s a virus going around at the moment but I’m going to play safe and make an appointment with my doctor.