Sunbeds r they ok ?

Hi all just wondering if it’s ok to use a sunbed I put a high factor on scar n radiotherapy site wen I go in th sun n I don’t hav any problems iv got olive skin. But just wondered about toppin up with th odd sunbed session. Is it ok ?? X rozita

dont bother hun. fake it! why risk skin cancer after bc? you look lovely anyway! xxxxx

I can’t believe that you would risk skin cancer after what you have been through. Go for a spray tan, they look very good. I would always check with my breast care nurse before I had one done though, just in case!

think generally speaking sunbeds are thought not to be very safe… i havent been on one since my first diagnosis 6 years ago… personally wouldnt want to risk melanoma as well.

Hi Rozita

Definitely not worth the risk with a sunbed, as Lulu says why risk melanoma too.

Re sunbathing, don’t forget how big the rads area is. Last year, I didn’t sunbathe but like you have olive skin and got tanned in the little bit of sunshine we had going out in a t-shirt. The Onc told me to watch this as I had got the border with the rads area tanned.

I love a tan but quite honestly it’s not worth risking health over is it. If you’ve got olive skin you’re not going to be looking really pale anyway - we’re lucky in that way.

take care, Elinda x

I have very fair skin that burns easily and prefer to stay out of the sun (I never go on beach holidays or to anywhere too hot). However, other ladies I know who have had radiotherapy for BC said they were told no sunbeds and you shouldn’t get the sun on the treated area as you are at a higher risk of getting skin cancer.