Sunburn and rad site

I had moderate burns and soreness when I had my 15 treatments to my chest wall in January.  I was warned to be careful to put on sunblock on the area when out in the sun in the future.  This isn’t hard because the affected area - which is rectagonal-is a different colour than the surrounding skin (I have pale skin).  I have been carefully rubbing in factor 60 during this week of bright sunlight where I livem  but I have noticed that I am burning more in random places around the rad site.My upper chest and parts of my neck are burning more easily than the skin around.  Has anyone else had this?  Could it be reflected rads from the treatment?  I must confess to almost total ignorance of radiation.

Hi Penny47


I finished 20 sessions of radiotherapy today and was told that I must keep the radiated breast and surrounding area covered and to stay in the shade if sitting out. I have quite a bad burn and soreness so as much as I love the warmer weather I’m staying away from sunshine at the moment. I have read we should be careful for about a year but the radiotherapy nurse told me today that it applies for always. You could always ring your BCN to ask for advice or the breast cancer care advice line. I was told to ring the radiotherapist if I was at all worried about anything. I hope that helps.

Best wishes