Sunburnt ...following Taxotere chemo ...any advice

Afternoon everyone… I made the mistake of hanging out my washing without sun protection


My face is red and peeing and painful…and my eye lids slightly puffy…can anyone suggest anything I can apply. I tried moisturising with E45…but It made it more inflamed and I resembled a tomato

I use Clinique to disguise when I am out …but can’t wait to get home and wash it off.

Cheers…Donna xx

Hi Donna, I hope you are not too sore at the moment. I made the same mistake last summer and on one of my admissions to hospital during Chemo last June they noticed i had overdone it in the sunshine! I already had some Dermol cream which was prescribed by my GP when my hands and feet were dry and peeling and very sore. So i used that on my sunburn#i actually had a few little blisters on my chest which were soothed by the Dermol cream.

This summer i have noticed that my skin is very sensitive but at the same time it is coping very well with the sun and does not burn like it used to and i now have a lovely color coming along~i am sensible with suncream and pop in and out when it gets too much outdoors. I love to sit outside and read during the day when the kids are at school it is very relaxing.

Cheers, Michele x

I have an Aloe Vera plant that i keep looking at and wondering if i could break off a leaf to get some of the gel out? I am sure that i read somewhere once that you can do that - then i can have soothing gel on hand whenever i wanted! I use the Dermol cream i was given during Chemo and because i was given a large pump container x 2 of them it has lasted forever! I use it on most things from sunburn or bites to dry and itchy skin and also wash with it too. It was invaluable on my feet when they blistered and cracked and it hurt to even walk with soft slippers on during Chemo last year and i am glad i kept it. I gave back the medicines i didn’t think i would need and only kept the Dermol cream and the Nystin mouth ulcer drops as i still get very sore spots on my tongue and occassionally inside my mouth. Cheers, Michele x