Sunday Times-Kylie interview

Sunday Times-Kylie interview

Sunday Times-Kylie interview I won’t be able to watch Kylies interview on Sky tonight so I was pleased to see that The Sunday Times had excerpts from it. It reads well - though a little simplistic for my taste though, presumably, this is due to copyright issues.
However, I was appalled to see that even in this newspaper they have contributed to the fallacy of “All Clear”.With such a high profile person and story this is simply awful - for her and everyone else affected by this disease.
I have quoted from the article to show how it has been glossed over.

[ After her final session of chemo on December 18 she spent a nerve-racking few weeks waiting for the test results. Were there days she thought she wasn’t going to make it? “Absolutely. That was a very difficult time, waiting for the phone to ring or for the doctor to come over. I can hardly believe that I’m here.”

Although Minogue got the all-clear in January she faced a further six months of radiation treatments to help to prevent the cancerous cells returning. Ten-minute doses each day, five days a week. She returned to Melbourne for the therapy and slowly began to regain her strength.]

I will have to calm down a bit before I send off my - possibly useless protest.

Kylie I also will miss the interview tonight.
I read the Sunday Times article. The amount of interview material is quite small, but Kylie comes across as being very sincere and deeply affected by her experience.

I feel she will do a lot to help many other women get checked out and already she must have helped so much.

I would like to hear what size/type was her breast cancer, what treatment she has had, and what medication she will be taking.

I am very grateful to her for giving this interview. She is a great


This is quite a personal thing - and i raised it elsewhere - but if (hopefully!!) at the end of my treatment, the docs say to me that there is no evidence of any cancer anymore, then I too will consider myself as having the ‘all clear’. Nay, even [very contentious this] ‘cured’.

After all, if you have no cancer cells, then you don’t have cancer. Yes, I know there’s a chance of recurrence - but I prefer living with prospect that I can get on with my life again without the cancer, rather than dwelling on the fact it may posssibly recur in 10/20/30/40 years time. I may well get something else in 10/20/30/40 years instead.

They do seem to ‘gloss over’ things, but from my experience all these things (newspaper, tv) there always has to be an edited version. I agree there is a fine line though between depressively weepy & wailing, and being over-chirpy & positive.

i personally see no harm in giving others hope, and am very positive myself about my outcome (and i’m yet to get rid of the wretched desease!), as long as Kylie doesn’t make too light of it in her interview and is honest and realistic. I look forward to seeing the programme and how its dealt with.

Kylie, all clear and other terms I haven’t seen the Sunday Times interview nor will I probably see the Sky interview, though did hear about Kylie Minogue on someone’s brekafast TV show the other morning.

I had no interest at all in Minogue prior to her getting cancer (too old probably), but since her diagnosis I have been interested in the media coverage and her response.

I think that as celebrities with cancer go, she has done a pretty good job of talking the truth about the experience of breast cancer. There have been several occasions over the past year when her agent/publicist has deliberately issued statements challenging some of the media inventions about what has happened to her.

I think this is just great…and I also think she looks fantastic now and is doing great things for short hair. I understand from a radiographer aquainatance that more young owmen are now going to GPs with problem breasts than formerly…they call this the ‘Kylie effect’ and if this means that young women are getting disgnosed earlier thats good news…It must be incredibly hard having breast cancer in the public eye, but I think Minogue has been a really good advertisment for talking honestly and realistically about cancer.

As to the ‘all clear’ I hate the phrase too and think it is simply inacurrate to use it after most kinds of breast cancer diagnosis. The word ‘recurrence’ is itself a misnomer, beacuse when ‘cancer comes back’ (unless it is a second primary which is a separate cancer) it isn’t really coming back…the fact is that it never went away. Any of us, after a primary diagnosis may carry tiny little cancer cells, which spread at the time we got cancer, too tiny to see on any scan, in other organs of our bodies (most likely sites are bone. liver, lungs, brain).

Sometimes those tiny cells grow very quickly and sometimes they harmlessly ‘sleep’ for a while, and then start growing a year later, 2, 3, 5 years later, 8 years later or even 20 years plus later.

I used to prefer the phrase NED (no evidence of disaese) but now prefer ‘in remission’…which my onc uses of me…because I think for me it describes the likely scenario…that my cancer is dormant at the moment but may/will probably grow again at some time in the future.


Kylie Hi!

Remission is the term Kylie uses which seems an accurate way to describe her situation, the times article also said -

"She is well aware that the cancer might return. “I’m not like this all the time, she says. “It’s no picnic and I’m still going through it. It’s not like, ‘Hey, it’s over’. I still have medical treatments. I still have check-ups. I’m aware and I do all the things I’m supposed to do to stay on top of things — of it. "

I too will be watching and will be pleased if I see a Kylie who is trying to get on with it, sure she can’t really say cured but I appreciate that when people apply such terms to themselves it must be a very powerful motivator it’s when others i.e. media, charities, families etc. use that term it annoys me.

Love Twinkle xoxo

I am thrilled with Kylie’s progress she is a young, high profile woman who has been devastated by this disease, as we all are, but we are not in the public eye permanently.
I think she has coped with a high degree of maturity and common sense.

I too, am overwhelmed when anyone with bc says they are “cured” - to me it is never., as I am very well aware it can come back in 3, 7 or 20 years. At my 1st yearly exam with my breast surgeon (didn’t see the Onc after finishing chemo and rads) he told me I had no signs of bc and go away and get a life. I hope I have done that, but the fear is still there that it will return, as it is with so many of us. Just something we have to live with.
Hope must spring eternal.

the interview I saw most of the interview and I think she did really well at treading that very fine line between describing how devastating the disease is, and allowing herself a bit of room to take forward her career and have some peace from prying questions.

I think she’s in a difficult place - those of us in the public eye have no pressure on us to allways tell it like it is - we can , when we choose, decide not to challenge the ‘all clear’ myth (such as when re-establishing ourselves at work ) and then can bare our fears here and with friends. Should she decide to hide behind the myth for her own comfort we’d all be up in arms.

I think I’m becoming a Kylie fan :o)

addendum I meant those of us NOT in the public eye

Fully agree I think that this is one of the most honest interviews I have seen so far.


here here!!! I too watched the interview and have to firstly say how absolutely beautiful she looked, i’ve always thought kylie was a pretty girl but she looked absolutely stunning. Despite the fact that she obviously had a make up artist do the work to make her look great for the tv you could see the transformation from when she was having treatment to now and the sparkle in her eyes which showed how truly grateful she was on having got through her treatment so far.

I thought she was very honest in her attitude towards breast cancer and in no way gave the impression she was all clear, it was very obvious that she wasnt taking anything for granted but was full of positivity for the future…good for her.

I’m just coming to the end of my chemo and have a feeling this is really just the start of it all as at the moment i feel ‘safe’ if you like that all is ok cos the chemo is still doing its job but i have a feeling that after treatment finished is probably the hardest time and i’ve read that a lot of ladies can get quite depressed at this time and i can fully understand why that happens. Despite going through exactly the same as kylie i dont know about the rest of you but i almost forgot about me last night and felt very emotional listening to her talk, as though i was listening to somebody’s thoughts and feelings about bc for the first time…strange i know…but not a bad thing, its nice to have a clear head once in a while, doesnt happen often!!!


and here I too thought it a very balanced, honest and positive interview. So pleased to see such an interview, and hope it will be shown before long on one of the main terrestrial channels so it reaches a wider audience. Think the girl did us proud, as they say.

I also thought that she looked amazing and that she gave a realistic and balanced interview. I only had tears in my eyes once!


Kylie was great But I have to say I wasn’t terribly impressed with Cat Deeley.

I thought she trivialised some of the questions (being devastated about the loss of a pair of gold hot pants was one example) and, in other cases, asked the wrong questions.

I thought Kylie was impressive - and very honest. Welcome to our world.


Agree with Anne I read the Sunday Times article and saw the interview. I thought the ST article was poor in parts, for the reasons people have already outlined .

I thought the interview was poor as well - because the interviewer was hopeless. Although she had obviously been briefed a little about breast cancer nobody had thought to teach her any interviewing skills ! As a result I thought her questions quite often left Kylie floundering which she didn’t deserve. Despite this I thought what Kylie had to say was real, honest and helpful.


kylie programme did anybody tape it - if so can i borrow it please.

i don’t mind paying for postage!


early treatment kylie’s lucky she is “Kylie” and had treatment as soon as the bc was spotted.She has said that a little later and her prognosis would probably have been a lot worse. How many of us have had to wait two months(max amount set by McMillan guidlines) before having treatment?I for one, and was then told it was highly aggressive and I was very lucky that it had only spread to one node!How many havn’t been so lucky?For those of us who cant afford private healthcare its one thing being vigilant and finding a lump,sometimes its another fighting your way through the system!