Sunshine After the Showers

Hi All, I’ve started this thread for those on the April Showers thread who are ready to move over to the Recovering from treatment section of the forum. We are back from our Norwegian fiord cruise ? We had a relaxing time, lots of fabulous views ? & delicious food ??? apart from the day we were confined to our cabin because hubby was experiencing Nora Virus symptoms ? He was fine by the next day. I need to read through the posts on the April Showers to get up to speed on how everybody is doing. Catch up soon xx

Glad you have enjoyed your break :slight_smile: we have just had a week in the Yorkshire dales. Plenty of beer and eating out. Now trying to re-focus my brain on moving forward and not slipping back into lolling about on settee feeling sorry for myself and watching rubbish on telly! Xxx

How nice to be on the next stage of the forum. Glad to hear you are all having a good time. I am in Harrogate at the moment celebrating my 50th birthday. Went to Thoresby Hall Hotel for Champagne Afternoon Tea to celebrate my wedding anniversary on Tuesday 20 years. So nice to be doing these normal things even if emotions are messing with you underneath. Start Tamoxifen tomorrow. Have decided it isn’t going to get the better of me. Hugs to everyone xx

Hi All Its good to be doing ‘normal’ activities & no hospital appointments. I’ve applied to attend a Moving Forward course in November.
AG65 - Happy 50 birthday, sounds like you are celebrating in style ?
Nenya - Glad you enjoyed your break away
Eileen728 - Well done your 10 mile walk
Kiki2 - Welcome I’ve been experiencing hot flushes, as I’ve stopped the HRT. Think I’ll buy some Black Cohosh Has anyonse used this?
I’ve been a lady that lunches today, I met up with my Aqua friends. Back to work tomorrow xx

Thought I would poke my head in and say hi although I don’t feel I’ve quite graduated to the recovery stage. I’m saving all my celebrations until November when I have my last herceptin.

Can’t believe I’ve had over 5 weeks off work. I’ve a drs note covering me to the end of the month so I’ve got a few days longer before getting my head around going back. Whilst I’m looking forward to seeing colleagues again I quite like having time to myself. Oh well all good things have to come to an end!

Hi ladies, hope you’re all OK?


Just nipped in to rave about a course/workshop that I attended today provided by a charity called Look Good, Feel Better.  They run afternoon workshops for women diagnosed with cancer that focus on skin care and make-up and it was absolutely wonderful.  Each attendee was given a goody bag of full sized premium skin care products and make up, plus a very lovely bottle of perfume and there were three professional make-up artists available for the dozen or so women who attended to show us how to use the products.  The make up artists gave up their own time to teach us and were just the most generous and supportive women. As always, it was also a pleasure to chat with the other attendees and compare notes.


Feeling a bit weepy actually as I’m so overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone involved.  If you can get to one of these sessions then I would, it’s marvellous life-affirming stuff.  If you Google ‘Look Good Geel Better’ you’ll be able to find them.



Hope all of you are having a good BH weekend. I’ve had a very busy full on week at work, I like being busy, but I feel very tired now. I had two late nights both of which involved long driving journeys in the dark, one for an work related info session and another meeting up with friends who all said I look really well. My nipple has been itchy, anyone else experiencing this? I had to stop HRT immediately back in Jan, I’d been on it for 19 years since my full hysterectomy in 1995. now find I’m experiencing lots of hot flushes - I bought some Black Cohosh tablets yesterday and am hoping these will stop the hot flushes. Best wishes to you all xxx

I really admire all of you who are coping with going out to work. I completed my treatment a couple of months ago. I am a pensioner. Prior to the cancer diagnosis I was so weary and exhausted that I could hardly put one foot in front of another. During chemo I felt like a limp rag. Strangely, post-treatment, I am hyperactive, run up the stairs two at a time (shouldn’t, I know, but it is a hard habit to break) can limbo and have so much surplus energy that I am nearly bouncing off the walls just like a kid with ADHD!!!  Has anyone else experienced this reaction or am I just strange?

Hello Hope all of you have had a good weekend We’ve just returned home after spending the day with friends who said I look really well I’ve drunk quite a lot of rose wine today, more than I’ve drunk in months. Think I’ll be having an early night hic ? xx

Hi, hope everyone is doing ok, I have my oncologist follow up appt tomorrow and for some reason am getting quite worked up about it :-/ nothing I can say to him but having hot flushes and feel 90! Got to ring up about another sick note on Thursday too. Wasn’t given the opportunity to see a doc, just ring up and the receptionist will pass message on. How will she know if I am fit for work or not? Feeling puzzled :frowning: xxx

Hi Eileen No hangover thank goodness Just as well as I was on an info stand most of today I’ve got my follow up appointment on 9 June I’m having hot flushes & still feel tired xx

Feeling happier today as I have managed to wear one of my bras I used to wear before my WEL in Feb ?

Hi ladies hope everyone is having a good weekend and enjoying the sunshine.

Proud mum moment today. My daughter took part in the Race for Life in Nottingham this morning. She is someone who doesn’t even walk anywhere never mind run! She did it though because of what we as a family have gone through this year and also her friend at work who is a currently being treated for a different cancer. She has raised about £370 x

Follow up appointment went ok today All healed fine No further treatment required Yipee ? Next appointment in March 2016 for 1st of 5 year annual mammograms Very relieved Hope you are all doing well too xxx

Glad the appointment went well today Sunflower. I have mine on the 23 June. Already have my first Mammogram appointment booked for next March. Been whittling about the June appointment so glad to hear its just a quick check up x

Hi Eileen728 No other tests, the consultant examined my breast, checked my arm movement & the scars. I was worried that they would do a mammogram & was relieved that did not happen. I was advised not to use the natural progesterone cream I’d been using before BC diagnosis, so have to put up with hot flushes & am trying Black Cohosh Back to work full time Just like nothing has happened! Have a good weekend xx