Suntans and being vain!

The sun is shining and I’m feeling very white and all summer clothes seem to look a bit odd on bright white skin…does anyone know if there is any problem with using a bit of fake tan since I’vc been having to cover myself in factor 50?!! I’m in the middle of chemo ( I’ve had 4 x doxorubicin and 1 x tax - 3 left to go and counting!!!). Have invested in a large sunhat to see me through the sunshine! Would welcome any advice or tips.
Thank you,

Hi Aud,
There have seen a few posts that have included advice on fake tans… no-one had been given advice not to.
Last week I had an all over tan done and felt almost normal! I used Xen Tan and the results were really good. Since then have had heart scan and Plastics clinic and again, no negative feedback from the professionals.

Hi Marguerite,
Thank you so much for your helpful reply. Will definitely get myself onto the fake tan ASAP! I usually live in the garden in shorts in the sunny weather but fed up with putting on high factor and getting no colour. Sure I will feel much better with a bit of brown! Good luck with your treatment.

is this a silly question… are you not allowed to sit in sun while having chemo>?

Ooh my god. Do we hav t go by Th book with everything. I’m so sick of this bloody disease. Ruinin my life. If I want t sit in gh sun I will. N I hav. It’s not been that hot but t change colour helps me feel better n il b sensible if I feel myself burn il put sum cream on but so far I havnt noticed a difference. N hav book a holiday in menorca in a villa. In oct wen everythings all over. N Il be there no matter what. If somthin makes u feel good do it. I’m also drinking. Lots of wine to keep me sane.!!! I don’t care rozita xxxxxx

Here, here!!! I agree wholeheartedly Rozita. I have been sitting in the sun - without being silly about it - and been partaking of the odd glass or three of red wine (which is good for you!) Exactly as you say - a little of what you fancy does you good.

Well, well, is this the forum for naughty girls!! I’ve been so good up 'til now but b****er it, perhaps I’ll join you!

Rozita - Your holiday sounds fab - here’s to October! I should also be well on the mend by then. Have to say, not being personal, but your boobs look good in the photo…are they your originals?! At the moment I have one old saggy original and one very pert implant!



Sorry Van, meant to respond to your question. I’ve been advised to stay out of the sun whilst on chemo but don’t know how careful you need to be or if it depends what treatment you’re on. Don’t know if anyone else can advise?


Ive been told not to stay too long in the sun and wear a factor 50 sun block… dont mind so much now that I am ‘tanned’. But do have the odd half hour sitting in the garden - with a few glasses of red!
I need to have moments of ‘normality’ otherwise I would go nuts. I too have bought new garden furniture and intend to spend many hours enjoying it.

hi aud yes haha theyre my originals i had alumpectomy so luckily hav been able to keep my breast but had to hav lymphnode clearance because it had spread to them.
i think as long as u r sensible in th sun n it makes u feel better then do it its vitamin d anyway isnt it? we hav so many bad days so i think if we get a good day we have to make th most of it n that applies to our weather and our illness!!!rozita xxxxx

Don’t know whether anyone has any experience of this. It is so weird. I started a rash over my face and neck about a week ago shortly after my second Tax. It developed into somethinglike sunburn - hot, dry and red. Spoke to chemo nuse and she said to go to my gp. He was convinced I had sunburn, even though I had hardly been out - I’d been too ill. Did some research on the web and discovered something called UV Recall Reaction, whereby chemo drugs can trigger a previous sunburn incident, often with far worse consequences. I did sunbathe when the sun first came out, too long probably and with no protection, because I was so thrilled the winter was over at last and I could get some vit d into me. Plus, I either hadn’t clocked, or I didn’t know about photosensitivity on chemo - it wasn’t exactly an issue during that horrible cold winter. I now look hideous, my skin has aged about twenty years. I see my onc tomorrow, haven’t had this confirmed yet but am pretty sure that’s what it is. Be careful!

That sounds nasty. Thanks a lot for letting us know and do hope that it clears up soon. Must admit, I’ve also had two tax and am finding that I’m having a lot more reactions than I did with the doxorubicin. Suffering with a really sore mouth at the moment and feeling fed up with it all! Should we get any sun, I’ll make sure I slap on the factor 50 again.

Take care,