superfoods or cancer fighting foods

Hi all
wanted an opinion or advice on foods to help build up your immune system or help fight tbe bad cells…is there any truth in this? What have peopke tried or would recommend?
Ive not started treatment yet but im looking for anything that might help and keep me fit and healthy before during and after chemo.
want to fight this all i can!!

jo x

Also excersise what is safe ot ok to do during treatment x

Hi Jo
Whilst you await replies here’s a link to the BCC diet and exercise information which I hope you will find helpful:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Jo,
Ive nearly finished my chemo and I have been taking Vitamin C (1g per day), D (50 micrograms) and probiotics the whole time. I havent had any infections, not even a flu whilst my family around me have been ill. I know they say that we should not take vitamins but you can also try to eat them from food, if you dont like taking the pills. It is difficult to get 1 g of Vitamin C from food and also vitamin D is a challenge during winter time as there is hardly any sunshine. Vitamin C and D together fight infections. And probiotics protect your stomach. Protecting the hair is a different story( cold cap and Biotin and Omega fatty acids. I dont take all this during the first week after chemo as liver may get overloaded but during the last two weeks before the next treatment. One week to go and I still have half of my hair left. Hope it all goes well for you! Take care! Sunshiney