Hi, does anyone take glucosamine or cod liver oil to help with stiff joints from hormone therapy, I saw consultant today and he said some ladies do and also turmeric. Would like to know what you take and if it’s helped

thank you vic xx

Hi vic


I consulted a medical herbalist at The Haven, so she was very experienced in all aspects of breast cancer (and she’d been through it herself). She recommended a specific brand of omega 3, taken from the algae the fish eat rather than from the fish so more effective in her opinion, from a firm called Nuique. I’ve just started taking it for disabling joint and muscle pain so it’s very early days (I’m also having a break from the anastrozole to get rid of the joint pain and then restarting it with the original brand I had which caused me no problems - my oncology nurse said several of her patients had found changing brands solved things). I considered glucosamine and turmeric but I think 2 things at a time and see if either helps, then try something else… 


I take Tumeric for joint health, and as a general anti inflammatory. 
I’m a nutritional therapist and Herbalist who’s had BC, and advises people on

a daily basis on Supplements. 
I normally advise on taking Vit D, which helps with joint inflammation, and immune health. 
glucosamine should be taken away from food, and Tumeric with healthy fats. 

I’ve been taking cod liver oil,Sage and Turmeric with ginger and black pepper. I have noticed a mild difference in only a few weeks. It’s defiantly worth trying.

I take everything but tumeric, because I read that the latter lessens the effects of Tamoxifen.  I am going to talk to my doctor about getting off Tamoxifen, since I don’t think my cancer was all that bad and my lymph nodes were clear.  No chemo needed.  My joints ache all of the team, and even though I am a lot older (78), I have always been very active-running, weight lifting, etc.  I don’t want to liv e with this kind of pain for my remaining years.