Supply problems with Exemestane

I’ve been on Exemestane for the last two years, I’ve been using Accord brand which suited me fine but twice now my pharmacy has been unable to get it for me. I rang Accord who said they were out of stock! How the heck can a manufacturer go out of stock? How irresponsible, don’t they realise there are women, like me, depending on them? Anyway, I then took Mylen brand which has resulted in bad side effects, headaches, not much fun but anyway when it came time to reorder, knowing that Accord is still out of stock am now told that Mylen brand now out of stock too. So now onto yet another brand. Am sick and tired of the fight I have to get the correct brand of the meds I need. It seems that the suppliers will send any brand it happens to have on the shelf without regard to the patients who are suffering the side effects. I am feeling very grumpy at the moment, am seeing my GP tomorrow to discuss this. Rant over.

Hi, I have just strated in accord and getting minor se so your email has worried me …has the situation improved since you posted? Am off to see my pharmacy to discuss with then as only having just started I don’t won’t to be swapping so early on… Hope you are okay, how are things 2 yrs done the line. I was diagnosed in late November 14 & now into rads ?