Support group in Lancaster for young women

Is anyone here based in or around Lancaster?

I’ve set up a support group for any woman who has, or has had, breast cancer. We meet at The Borough on the first Tuesday of every month, at any time between 18:00 and 22:00.

All the breast cancer support groups near here take place during the day, so if you work full time or have kids they were hard to get to. As a result of this, it’s typically older women that attend them. After my own diagnosis in July I found that lack of peer support for young women with breast cancer really hard, which is why I’ve set up Sanctuary :slightly_smiling_face: its intention is to fill that gap for 20 - 55 year old breast cancer patients.

Women can come along and not breathe a word about cancer if they don’t want to. Or, they can come and have a big shouty cry. They can sit quietly in the corner with the book or Nintendo Switch they’ve brought from home, or they can treat themselves to a slap up three course meal and have a natter with a few others. In other words, my hope is that any woman who comes along to Sanctuary can feel comfortable in her freedom to prioritise whatever it is she’d like to have time for right now. 

I’ve attached the flyer and a few photos from one of our meet ups here.


If you’d like more info please go ahead and comment on this or private message me :slightly_smiling_face:

Upcoming dates are:

Tuesday 2nd May

Tuesday 1st June

Tuesday 4th July

Tuesday 1st August

Tuesday 5th September

Tuesday 3rd October

Tuesday 7th November

Tuesday 5th December (this one will likely be a Christmas Meal too, though the no-obligation nature of the group will still apply of course - there’s really no pressure to come and have food/drink if you don’t want to!)

Tuesday 2nd January 2024

Great idea . I am local to you . I am 8 years past diagnosis now but would have really appreciated it when first diagnosed ,have you shared the info with the breast care team locally ? 

@BabyJaneHudson Hi. I’m new to this forum and can’t private message you. I’d love more details about this group and the monthly meet-ups, just so I have more of an idea of what to expect and where exactly in The Borough I’ll need to go on Jan 2nd, if you could please PM me, thank you.