Support Groups - any ideas?

Not sure if I’ve got this in the right category but here goes …

I’m trying to help get some “acts” for a local support group, preferably free of charge. Can anyone please make some suggestions as we’re running out of ideas a bit. We’ve already had:

Someone from radiology giving the low down on scans, MRI etc.
A nutritionist
A lady from Amoena with her “wares” and wears
Breast surgeons
Make up for the beauties in our midst!

I’m hoping to get hold of a Lymphoedema specialist. I need more ideas for things that will make people open their front doors and want to make the effort to go along.


Hi Dahlia

We’ve had Amoena and Nicola Jane come to our meetings and they have brought a selection of bras, swimwear etc. We’ve also had someone to talk about Aloe Vera (she was actually a GP who also believed in the properties of Aloe Vera).

We’ve had one of the physiotherapists from the hospital come to give a talk about acupuncture (as she also does this). Had someone to give us a talk on incontinence!!! Also had other talks not connected with breast cancer at all such a bee-keeping, ghost stories, Samaritans, CAB (which is connected re benefits financial info). We’ve also had our lymphoedema nurse come along a couple of times to give us a talk.

We also had House of Colour come along once to talk about what ‘season’ we all are re colours which was really interesting.

Hope this helps a bit!

The group I went to had a demo and talk from an aromatherapist/reflexologist. She gave us some samples to take home that were lovely. What about a cooking/tasting demo of easy to prepare “healthy” dishes? we had some good ideas from a nutritionist for easy meals that used fresh non dairy ingredients.

How about a ‘taster’ Pilates (or similar) session?