Support Groups

Thinking of joining our local support group, but nervous and not sure about it. Anyone joined one? Any advice? I had a mastectomy in may and have just had 3rd chemo, been getting very down and weepy and less energy each chemo session. I love this site but not sure whether to join a group, i keep thinking what if i cry and make a fool of myself!

I have joined a group but they don’t start until SEpt. because of the summer holiday…Know what you mean about teary etc…and the lack of patience I have is awful…not good with two young children.-…all I am doing at the moment is shouting…aggghhhhh…not good…sorry that doesn’t help you does it.

My support grp have swimming every other week and gym the weeks they don’s swim. It is all done in the Rehab pool so nice and warm and noone to fear when you walk in bald and lopsided!

Whatever you decide will be right for you. Good luck. xx

I joined a 6 week course called Living with Cancer which is ultimately a support group. It has helped me a lot. I look forward to it tremendously and it is a great comfort to speak to others who have had/are having the same treatment. I have had 2 lots of chemo after surgery. It is normal to feel nervous but I would say it is more than worth pushing yourself to go.



I belong to a support group and am really glad I do to be honest. Its so comforting to be able to talk to people who literally live on your doorstep and who are going through exactly the same thing. My group had a night out in the local pub a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately I couldn’t go as I had had chemo that day and was my usual ‘spaced out’ self! I hear they had a great night though and I was well jealous!

Don’t be worrying about crying or making a fool of yourself. You may well end up crying while you’re there but they’ll prob be tears of laughter!

I say ‘do it’! I’m confident you won’t regret it,

Take care,


Thank you ladies, i think i will definately make an effort to join. Although on monday i felt i made it to the top of my mountain. I finished my 4 cycles of epirubin and now have 4 cycles of cmf. Just need to get back down the mountain! My local support group is called H.U.G and i believe the next meeting is at the end of septmeber so assuming i can time it on good days i will make the effort to go along.

Thanks again.
Gaynor x

well done on reaching the half way mark.

i have been going to a support group almost from the start and i absolutely love it - it gets me out, i can talk to others who are experiencing the same things as me and I have to say the vast majority of the time we are all hysterically laughing - join and see if its for you