Supporting a friend through mastectomy


my friend is having a full mastectomy early July. She is pretty pragmatic about it all, which blows me away. I’d like to create a pre-surgery at home pack for her…what would be useful and also nice to include that would help her thru those first few days at home? I’d like to give her as much practical help as possible at this point. Any suggestions would be most useful. Thank you in advance xxxx

Hi Uswhynot

What a lovely pal you are!  

I had my op some time ago, and worth bearing in mind that,  the after effects are diff for all.  Can only say what I found helpful…

A ready supply of goodies in fridge was appreciated.   I was perfectly capable of doing a bit of cooking but my head found it tricky to focus on what to choose.

I took a good few days to get over anaesthetic so slept a lot for first 36 hrs - so was pleased that someone else pushed the hoover around and did a bit of tidying.

I was advised not todrive for a bit so was pleased when chums offered to ’taxi’ me around.

I enjoyed a few lazy days flicking through mags, eating treats, sudoku - basically nothing too taxing.  I found that once I’d got over the anaesthetic, I was soon back on my feet and able to do most things for myself.  Hope it all goes well.

Thanks so much for the insight - will stock up on healthy tasty fridge stuff and magazines. And some big cosy pillows ?

unfortunately don’t live close by, so no taxi’ing - but everything else is a can do.

Hoping all is going well in your recovery too x

This may sound odd, but…a stuffed animal. My friend sent me a stuffed animal to cuddle with 17 years ago when I had my lumpectomy. I still have it today. (And, OK, I admit I still cuddle it when I’m having a bad day. ?). 
You’re being a wonderful friend. Keep up the support. ml