Supporting my elderly grandparent

Looking for advice on how to support an elderly grandparent with cancer and what questions to ask the consultant on her next appointment regards to treatments.

Hiyer Joanne,

I’m presuming that there has been a primary BC diagnosis made recently, but as yet no treatment plan put in place ? However, I could be wrong and the BC has been there under a treatment regime for some time and this is a monitoring appointment or there is secondary cancer. Do you have any more details you could give about anything you know about the situation/diagnosis ?

I have found one article, link below, but I’m sure if you come back and tell us a bit more there could be some more suggestions :slightly_smiling_face: (and some more specific downloadable leaflets, personal suggestions and advice for directions in which you can get support for yourself and your Grandparent)

Here is a list of all BCN publications, incase any are of interest to you…

Dear Joanne35

How old is your elderly grandparent and is the person female or male? I know it’s more likely to be a granny but you never know men do get breast cancer.