Supporting my mum with stage 3...




Not really sure what to say but me and my brother have been trying to support my mam with stage 3. She has had a mastectomy about a month ago and is getting there, she is waiting to she if she needs chemo as apparetly the doctors are waiting for some test to go to america and this will tell them if she needs the chemo or not. Mam is really struggling with the whole idea and the waiting around is awful plus were not 100% sure about this test as its new and speaking to a number of people friends/family they all keep saying do chemo get everything you can to try and beat this!   


I am so confused all I want is to be there for my mam and to support her as at the end of the day its her body and her decision. But at the same time am not sure what to say because part of me says do chemo and the other says dont if you dont need it. What can I do or get to help?


If anyone is or has been in the simular position please advice…







Hey suzie08 sorry to hear about your mum. How is she doing now? I’m so surprised your mother wasn’t told about what treatment to expect within a week of having her mastectomy. That’s how long I had to wait I think her Macmillan nurse would of been the one to talk to. Looking at your date of post I’m hoping your mum would have either started some form of treatment by now whether it chemo,radio, or tablets. I’m sure you have supported your mum brilliantly, sometimes you don’t need to say anything, just being there is enough. Good wishes to your family

Hi, I’m also in the position my mum as stage 3 breast cancer, mastectomy and had tissue sent to the states,. She had a call today to say she needed to go to the Christie. Still confused as to what’s going on. I know its not a help just letting you know how I feel and you’re not alone x