supraclavicular lymph nodes

Hello all,

Here I am again and getting more worried by the day. 8 month ago, in a routine follow up my oncologist felt that I had one enlarged gland on my collarbone. I had an ultrasound and they say the gland was very small, 3 mml and it did not look sinister. I had another ultrasound 4 months later with the same results. The point is that the enlarged gland is still there and now I can feel it bettar but I could not say if is larger of just I have become more aware of its location but, as you will understand, I can’t stop thinking of it and putting myself in the worst case scenario. I find really difficult to deal with this aspect of the illness where it seems there is never a total recovery.



I can imagine how you feel. I am fairly near the start of my journey, but I know that when the treatment is over, I will be imagining all the time that every symptom I have will be a recurrence. I don’t know how one would get over that.

If they have looked at it and feel it is ok, they are probably right, but if you are not happy, then go back again. Good luck.

Ann x

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Hi Janni, cant help specifically with your problem but just wanted to say Hi and welcome and, should you need us, there is always someone here for you. My SBC started with a lump which was passed off for 5 months as a sebaceous cyst. try to take heart in that swift action has been taken and if it becomes necessary, you will get treatment quickly. I’m not going to tell you not to worry because we all know there is nothing anyone can say to take that anxiety away but try to stay calm, relax as much as possible and do nice things to distract you. I’m sure someone will be along soon to help more than i can but in the meantime sending reassring ugs (( ))…please let us know how you get on and post anytime if you feel the need to rant , rave and cry…someone will hear you. xx

Hiya Janni
Try not to worry too much until you have definite results …my secondaries came back after eleven years …I had forgotten about bcc by then but its been picked up quickly so if treatment is required …your oncologist will prescribe the very best option.
Keep in touch as there is always support and help here for you.

Hi Janni,


Yes do try if you can, not to worry till you get the results…I did actually have an enlarged node in my remaining breast…which was removed, but proved not to be cancerous…so lets pray that you will be lucky.xx


after all…till the result, you cant do much really, however, if you do find you cant not worry, do post on here, we are all here for you…hugs Moijanxx

My physio found and enlarged lymphnode in same place, my collar bone, last night. I rang breast unit this morning and have an appointment on Friday. Quite worried as two of my BCC buddies with secondaries discovered their secondaries in these lymphnodes. Wondered how you got on with your appointments? Trying to stay positive but also feeling quite scared. Know so much more about BC these days it’s hard not to worry x

Janni, sorry to hear your news, At least they are acting quickly and hopefully you will have a treatment plan in place soon.We are hear for you whenever yo feel the need. xx