Hi I am meeting a surgeon to discuss options for my immediate mastectomy and reconstruction after therapy to remove the tumour from
My left breast. My appointments keep being rescheduled, each time with a different surgeon and as I’ve never heard of this one I’m a bit apprehensive. The NHS has thrown me some duds recently so am keen to hear if anyone knows anything about him. This is a crazy time for us all. Be strong. X

Hi Peaches they don’t like us discussing individual doctors /surgeons on the site but if anyone knows your doctor I guess they could private message you .Hope you get a " goodun "!!!

Hi jill, thanks very much for reply, I didn’t realise that was the case. Well yes if anyone has any info perhaps they could do that. Thanks again x

Yes they may well remove any replies you get on the thread hopefully someone will message you and re- assure you !

Ah right I see. Would I have to post my email for someone to private message me?

No as long as you have ticked the box to say you are happy to receive private messages you will get a notification via e mail that you have a message .

Hi peaches

You should be able to google your surgeon to find write ups and feedback. My surgeon is listed on my NHS hospital website, but also looking at private hospitals and private health insurance websites you will be able to find out about their qualifications and experience.

Good luck