Surgery April 2012

Hi girls, i too am having surgery. Having my masectomy this coming thursday. No reconstruction
As i am having chemo and radio. Hope you are all ok and sending all of you love and luck, laura xx

Thank you V, Laura you will be in my thoughts on Thursday , stay strong xx

Paula all the bets for today, so nice to read of you again, will be thinking of you today and hope all goes well, please let us know.

I’m due next week wed, going in on the tue already, getting more nervous now and even dreamed about it a couple of nights ago.

Christine xx

Sending all you ladies who are due or have had your surgery lots of hugs. I’m now on account down, mine is next week on the 10th starting to get very nervous amd having sleepless nights.

Take care

Gillian xx

Hi all and especially Gillian,

I was reluctant to do so, but gave in eventually and I’d really recommend asking your GP for either something to reduce your anxiety or to help you sleep before your op and possibly afterwards. you’ll need your stamina so getting to sleep is really important. I was SO anxious and hyped up, but took a low dose of zopiclone just a few times and it did help.

Love to you all preparing for surgery,

nonsuch xx

Hi everyone

Just a quick post as I have written more in the November Chemo group. I had my Mastectomy yesterday morning, in theatre at 8.30am and ready to go home early afternoon. Not as bad as I thought, not too much pain either, surgeon said the operation went well, straightforward removal of right breast. Feeling emotionally numb and kind of relieved. Going to take things easy for a few days and try to recover from the horrendous ordeal of the last few months, especially chemo, so glad that is finished. Just got radio therapy to look forward to in May, then return to work in July all being well.

Best wishes to those having surgery during the next few days, don’t worry, it is a cliche, but it really isn’t as bad as you will be imagining. I keep looking at my scar and where my breast was, it seems very surreal. I will probably feel better when I can get a nice bra with pocket and proper prothesis, which feels like an external implant.

Ginger1, best wishes for today.
Paula xx

Hi Paula , glad everything went well for you, now you have to rest and take it easy xxx

Hi Paula

Glad your op went well and your now home resting.

Take care

Gillian xxx

Wow, Daysie in and out on the same day is great! Hope recovery continues to go well :slight_smile:

Thoughts are with you today Ginger1, having your MX.

I have to decide by this afternoon which option to go for, and I seem to change my mind hourly!

Paula, great that you’re back home and all went well. Will read in the Nov thread now to catch up properly. Did they not take any lymph nodes out?

Ginger, thinking of you, hope all goes well!!

Love Christine xx

Hi Christine

My Sentinal Lymph Node and one other Node were removed last October and they were clear, so I didn’t have any Nodes removed this time, just straight forward Mastectomy. I’ve put my sponge boob over it today so I don’t feel at such a loss of not seeing the real boob when I look down.

Best wishes

Paula xx

Hi Paula,

So glad you are feeling ok. You seem to be doing brilliantly posting a comment a day after surgery, good on you girl!!! Hope I am as brave as you on Thursday when it is my turn. Hope all you girls are hanging in there and not getting too nervous!!! Wish i could listen to my own advice!!! Very nervous about the general, more so than losing the boob, crazy I know but then I am a wee bit crazy!!!

Sending big hugs to you all,

Laura xxx

Hi Laura

Easy to say don’t worry, the general is really nothing to worry about, in fact it’s much better than being awake lol. The whole team take really good care of you, constantly monitoring everything. They walk you to the operating theatre, and put a cannula in your hand and then soon after you go to sleep, all very quick and painless, then in seems in no time at all you’re wide awake again and it’s all over, I think I’m lucky not feeling much pain at all, only tenderness, being careful not to lift anything heavy. Managed to have a bath ok this morning with no mobility problems whatsoever, I can even lift my arm ok to get dressed etc. I was very nervous the night before the operation and on the morning, but worried needlessly, you will naturally be sad and relieved afterwards, and I have felt quite emotional today and in a bit of a daze, but just on auto pilot and concentrating on recovery and healing.

Best wishes for Thursday.

Ginger1 - hope you’re ok after your operation today.

Paula x

I had a great meeting with my consultant on Tues. I was able to express all my fears and concerns about which op to choose and he was great - took me seriously and gave me lots of time to go through the pros and cons of each option.

I went in thinking I might go for an LD flap or no recon (but not happy with either option) and came out agreeing to an implant! Still not sure this is best, but I realise no option is a good one, as they all mean I have to lose my breast. This option keeps the door open for alternatives should the implant not agree with me or if I just don’t like it.

It’s all starting to feel a bit more real to me now.

Hi Girls, just to let you know that evrything went ok with my mastectomy on thursday. Had the op late thursday morning and they let me out at 9am on friday. Unfortunately, we didnt speak to the surgeon after the op and he didnt come in on friday to discharge me, he just called up and the nurses said i was ok and that i could go home!!! (My hubby was not too happy with this!!!)

The nurse in the hospital said the district nurse would come and check the drain but they haven’t arrived yet, it is nearly 6 pm on saturday and I got home at 10am Friday !!!

Nevermind, I don’t feel too bad, in bed taking it easy, watching lots of TV!!! Feeling very hungry, so cant be that ill!!! Thanks for your reassuring words about the anaesthetic Paula, you were right, it wasnt too bad!!! They took the sentinel nodes out but it is not too painful.

My gorgeous hubby showered me this morning and washed my hair, he was so nice and gentle and told me that i looked beautiful!!! He looked where the wound was and said he loves it cause that will save me life!!! I am so lucky to have him, what a sweetie.

So whoever is still waiting for the op, honestly dont worry, it is really bearable and not so horrendous, if I can do it, any one can because I am the biggest wimp going!!!

Hope all you girls are having a nice holiday weekend,

Love and hugs,

Laura xxx
PS, MY daughters have both seen the wound, the 11 year old said, it’s not that bad , you cant really notice, you had small ones anyway!!!Love it xxx

Hi everyone, mastectomy went well, snb done also, bit sore and numb, cant really lift my arm, feeling a bit down today, hope everyone else is recovering well xx

Thought that I would say ‘hi’ and introduce myself. Have been lurking for a month now. Funny old club to have joined. I find saying the words ‘I have breast cancer’ a little surreal. After all I’m not even ill?! I’m 36.
Was diagnosed grade 3 ductal BC 16th march. This Wednesday, 4 April I had my Lumpectomy and SNB. My hospital have a machine that biopsies there and then. Lucky me was first up to have a go so woke up looking for the drain to see if I’d had clearance. Am lucky no drain. Path results due Friday 13th (lol).
Operation no problem at all. Not painful after. Am exhausted though! Also finding it hard to chill.

Hope everyone is doing well x x

Hi doggirl,
Snap we are both 36!!! It is totally unexpected at this age but then again we must be the special ones!!! Glad you are feeling ok, i had my mastectomy the day after you so apart from our age we have something else in common. I have found this forum great, i have dipped in and dipped out but it is a community of lovely, brave ladies who gove endless support to each other. I hope all you girls make the most of this bank holiday monday.


Laura xxx


Hope you are all enjoying the Easter holiday even tho the weatther isn’t very nice. Very wet in Winchester. I am going in tomorrow to have my op. starting to feel very scared, frightened, sick etc… Now it all feels so real from the first day I found out I would be having a mx with recon it never really sank in until now. Have just got my bag ready, waiting for the time to pass. I wonder how I will feel this time tomorrow after the op.
Sorry for the rant but I’m feeling very emotional.
Hope all you ladies who have had your ops, are feeling well and are on the mend.

Take care

Gillian xx

It’s great to hear the ops all went well, and I hope you pick up soon Ginger. I’m sure we’ll all be affected by the surgery in different ways and at different times. 16 days and counting for me.

How soon were you operated on after diagnosis? I was diagnosed 14th Feb and will have my op 25th April. It seems quite a long wait, but I don’t know how it compares. I’m on Tamoxifen so at least I feel the cancer is being targeted already.
x x