Surgery April 2012

Hi, I’m due to have a mastectomy/reconstruction on 10th April. All of a sudden it seems very real. Feeling very scared. Now on count down for the day to arrive. Anyone else due to have sugery next month?
Hugs to all
Gillian xx

Hi there,

What type of recon are you having? I had a mx and diep at the end if November so I’m exactly four months post op. It was a big deal, especially for me who had never had hospital treatment before. But actually it wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared. The op was shorter than I expected as there were two teams, one doing the mx and the other the diep, and they are very very experienced with DIEPs. My daughters told me to go for the best option while I was having the mx done anyway. The results are really impressive…I think the waiting is the worst bit!

I’ve been to see the plastic surgeon today to see what she suggested as finishing touches and I’m signed up for q package of various titivations that should make me much better body wise than I started with!!

Happy to send you more details if you PM me your email address…

Don’t worry, enjoy the nice days and get out and about…!

Love, nonsuch

Hi nonsuch
I’m having mx with ld flap recon. I do think the waiting is the worst bit, its the not knowing…I’m now starting to come to terms with having to have the op. I have widespread DCIS, I have been told I won’t need chemo or radiotherapy.
Sounds like you are doing well after your op,
Take care
Gillian xx

Me!! I’m just one day later than you. Will be admitted on the 10th and MX on 11th. I finished chemo nearly two weeks ago and have rads after surgery, so no recon for me.

I have pre op assessment on 28the of March.

Christine xx

It seems very hard having ti have such big surgery for DCIS, doesn’t it? I had same diagnosis, in fact one of the two tiny areas was all removed in the SNB, so in the end there was just one tiny bit remved in the mx. So, I’m pleased that was all, though it was major surgery and so thankful I haven’t had to have any other treatments.

The LD flap is really different from the diep but Rev Cat and so many others are really pleased with the results. These mx/recon ops are hard Initially, because they affect so much of our lives, but in most cases, it’s not actuallly painful, more uncomfortable. you just feel you can’t get on with anything till it’s sorted!

Not TQOO long now…!


Hi Christine
I have my pre op on 28th march as well.
Good luck
Nonsuch, I think one of my main worries is what will it look like after!!! I’m 42 and have been with my husband for 24 years. He is very supportive also I have a 17 year old daughter who seems to be coping ok. I do feel I have to keep a brave face for those I’m close to.
Gillian xx

Had the pre op assessment today, went well, had to have another chext x-ray as the last one was done four months ago, took some blood and asked me all sorts of questions, one was “any mental health problems?” Me “No I managed to keep my sanity through this all” LOL

Christine xx

I had my pre op assessment today as well. I go in on the 10th April midday having op in the afternoon. Now I’m going to have all morning to worry about it.

Take care

Gillian xx

Hi ladies,

I too am having an MX with immediate LD flap reconstruction sometime in the week commencing 16th April. I have an appointment with the breast surgeon tomorrow so I’ll find out the exact date then. Have my pre-op assessment on Friday. Never thought I’d ever see the day that I’d say I’m looking forward to my mastectomy, but after 4 months of chemo (finished 14th March), I’ll be glad to get it over and done with. Not sure yet if I’ll need rads but pretty sure I will. Have already resigned myself to it so it won’t be a surprise if I do. Am not worried or nervous about the op at all but am really trying very hard not to worry about the results a week or two later. That, for me, will be the absolute hardest part.


Hi all,

I’ll just make it into April, having a MX on 25th. The reality of losing a breast is just starting to sink in with me, and I don’t feel I’m ready for recon at the same time - need to adjust to losing a breast first. But, if I don’t go for recon now I will have to return later which I really can’t see myself doing. Got a week left before my onc wants to know my decision…

Like others, I’ve got mainly DCIS (5cm) plus a small tumour (8mm) and don’t expect to need rads or chemo so I count myself lucky in some ways.

Is anyone else on Tamoxifen before their op? I started on it last week.

Jennifer x

Posted on behalf of new user Sarah

Hi there,
just heard that my surgery (bilateral mastectomy no recon, bilateral oopherectomy and left axilla clearance) is booked for April 25th. Don’t think the enormity of it has hit me yet, but sure it will in the intervening time. Worried about bloods etc. thereafter as I have no lymph nodes on my previously (right hand) cancerous side. They seem unwilling to fit a port(a-cath) at the same time as the rest of the surgery.
More worried about my armpit than my breasts or ovaries. Anyone else out there with no lymph nodes left? Any advice?
Thanks Sarah

Hi Ladies,

I had mx/tram flap recon on 16/2/12 and just wanted to say to Jennifer that I to was undecided if I should go for a reconstruction at the same time as the mx but I am so glad I did. It was a big op (12hrs) but now I don’t really feel as if I’ve had a mx because the recon looks exactly like my old breast minus the nipple - which I will have done in 8mnths. The only difference is that I have no feeling in it. If you have an immediate recon you usually keep the breast skin so it is sort of like emptying out the old breast and refilling it which gives a better cosmetic result. I haven’t felt I needed to adjust to losing my breast because I woke up with one still there.

I also had DCIS (3cm) plus 4mm of invasive cancer and I will now have Zoladex injections starting in 2wks to make me post menopausal and Arimidex tablets daily for 5yrs. I took Tamoxifen for a previous breast cancer in the same breast 13yrs ago so won’t be having that this time.

I don’t think I would have been brave enough to go back for another op if I hadn’t had it all done at the same time.

Take care

Thanks Lemoncake. I don’t think I’ll be brave enough to return for surgery later either, so it’s now or never. I either get used to an unattractive scar and using a prosthesis or I get used to an implant.

Poor you, Sarah. It sounds like you have a heck of a lot to get your head around. Sorry I can’t help with the nodes thing. Good luck. x x

Hi Ladies, hope you don’t mind me joining in. I am having mx and LD reconstruction on 30th April. In the week before seeing the consultant I changed my mind every day what I was going to have done but felt positive about it when I went into the clinic. The Consultant was very friendly, answered all my questions but when she asked if I would like her to do the operation for me on April 30th, I just burst into tears and said I didn’t know! I said I just felt so scared and then kept apologising for crying. She was so nice, as was my BC nurse and showed me pictures of operations she had done and kept saying oh I could do this for you, and maybe this.

She said I could just have the mx and have the recon later, but like you ladies have said, I don’t think I would be brave enough to return for surgery later so waking up knowing its all been done seems pretty good (although I’m certain we would all rather be doing something nicer)

Good luck to all of you April ladies, sure there will be lots of virtual hugs around in the coming weeks.
Liz :slight_smile:

Lizzylu it’s good to hear I’m not the only one changing my mind daily about reconstruction! Based on my last 2 meetings with my consultant, I’m not expecting him to be as supportive as yours has been. He’s young and doesn’t seem to be able to see past recon with an implant, despite my concerns about it.

I think I have to say no, because I have ME/CFS and there’s a slight possibility an implant might aggravate the condition. This isn’t a condition he’s taking at all seriously (despite the fact I’ve lost my house and now my job because of it), which isn’t unusual for the medical profession, but it sure is unhelpful. It feels like a very lonely decision making process.

Hi everyone

I’m having my Mastectomy tomorrow morning 2nd April, feeling very anxious. Not having reconstruction at the same time as I will be having radiotherapy next month.

I can’t imagine how I’m going to feel tomorrow, I worry about everything imaginable.

I just wish today would go slowly so I can enjoy my last day feeling like a whole woman with 2 breasts :o(

Paula x

I am having a mastectomy on 3rd April, no reconstruction, sending good wishes and positive thoughts to all you ladies having surgery this month too xx

Hi Ginger1

How are you feeling about it? It’s a scary prospect, but very necessary to go through - I’m counting the hours…


Hi Paula, feeling not too bad today , have had a couple of bad days this week,my thoughts will be with you tomorrow xx

Hi Ladies,

Wishing you all the very best. I am 5 weeks post op. I can say, quite honestly that I was absolutely terrified of surgery, more so than of chemo. I just didn’t know what to expect or how I was going to get through it. BUT, I did, and it wasn’t the horrifying experience I expected.

I hope and trust that you will all come through smiling.

Will be thinking of you all…

V xx