Surgery at Selly Oak hospital

I am due to go to Selly Oak for bilateral prophylactic mastectomies with immediate reconstructon via DIEP or Tram. I wondered whether anyone else had gone there recently?

hi julro
i work at selly oak and i have to say i think we have some of the best surgeons going.
i hope that all goes or has gone well for you , you dont say when your op is,
jean x

Hi julro,I had my surgery at selly oaks in september,same as what your going to have.Mr thomas was my surgeon and miss francis did the mastectomy,who is doing your op?

Hi thanks for your messages, I came out from Selly Oak just over a week ago and the staff were fantastic, really excellent care.(definitely agree with you gobby!) Mr Thomas and team were great too, I had a double tram reconstruction and I think that people are right when they say that the recovery takes a while! I have good days and days where I can’t get going until about 3pm. Ms Francis did the mastectomies.
How was your recovery debbi?

glad to hear your op went well.

i had my Diep at selly oak at the end of september, and thought the care i received was wonderfull there.
my surgeon was miss waters.
i also thought the food was excellent, i’ve never eaten so well in hospital !!!

Its such a shame they are going to close selly oak down, and move everything to QE.


Thanks for your message Kim, how is your recovery going?

Hi julro,do you live in birmingham then?I dont , I have to travel from suffolk.Its a long story.Recovery is going well but only just stopped weeping and scabbing over on left side and its 3 and a half months now since surgery,but I am really pleased with results but I was very sore between tummy and boobs and it still is tender but no where near as bad.I think getting back to normal asap helps…ie…going back to work even though I was struggling to stand up straight or sit down with anything but tracky bottoms on,I still get a little uncomfy wearing jeans etc as I think there is probably still swelling in my tummy but I am getting the colour back in my cheeks now.Hope you continue to recover well.

take care
debbi x x


thank you for asking, my recovery is going very well.

i’m back at work, although i only do part time these days.
i’m walking fully upright but still cant fully bend to pick things off the floor without it pulling my belly scar.
i can at last ly on my sides in bed to sleep, i was fed up of being stuck sleeping on my back.

i dont regret having my diep at all, i’m so pleased to have 2 boobs again.

How are you doing with your recovery ?

Thanks both, my surgery was less than 3 weeks ago, so still feel very sore and achy, my belly is particularly uncomfortable, and the magic pants I find a real pain! Still I feel a bit better now than last week, and I guess have to give it lots of time.
Debbi, I am lucky to only live about 3 miles from the hospital, it must have been difficult for you being so far away from where you live.
Homer, I am really looking forward to sleeping on my side, I find I wake everyday with back ache, and often feel stiff as a board lying on my back all night.
Glad you are both doing OK.How long did you take off work?

i know how you feel about the big pants LOL
i contacted anne the plastics nurse to see how long i have to wear them, and she said around 6 months !
NOOOOOOOOO but i only wear them for around 6 hours a day now.
i will continue with them as told though if it helps my belly scar heal flat.
To be honest its been my bellly thats given me the most trouble, my boobs been fine really.

i had my op on 26th september and returned to work in november.

your lucky living so close to the hospital, i live about 1 mile from new cross, but they didnt do diep there,
so i was referred to selly oak.

Homer, you have made me depressed. I thought it was going to be 6 weeks!!

Sorry !
i was told 6 weeks at first too, but plastics nurse then told me keep wearing them for 6 months,
but not all day everyday.
I usually put mine on at 8am for work, i only work mornings, so when i come home i rip them off LOL

maybe you wont have to.

kim -x-