Surgery concern

Hi all

I’ve already had surgery in August (axillary node sampling). Then I had hormone treatment to shrink the tumour. I should soon be having the day surgery to remove the tumour (probably WLE). My concern is not the actual operation, but the before and after.

When I had my node surgery, although I reported at 7am, I didn’t go to theatre until about 11.30. By this time I had already been feeling faint/dizzy for about an hour. Then it took hours afterwards to come round properly. I felt dizzy and sleepy, and still was, when I left for home at about 8.30 pm. The nurses checked my blood pressure and blood sugar and said I was ok. (In fact I didn’t want to go home - although I was glad when I did)

I would love to be the first operation of the day, but I can’t anyway because the surgeon says I will need an ultrasound and a wire putting in to point to the offending part (as it is now difficult to feel) just before surgery.

I know I can’t eat or drink anything before surgery, but does anyone have any advice on how to cope or had a similar experience.

Yup, share your concerns. Had my surgery on Monday this week and didn’t get knocked out until 4pm, by which time I was a total head-case.

Things to bring with you: an ipod or other music player with lots of relaxing “chilling” music. I won a triple CD called “Pure Moods” which I found very relaxing.

Bring a book that you can get into. Nothing deep and meaningful, perhaps an adventure story, police thriller, basically an airport novel. Nothing that’s got lots of thought-provoking bits, you won’t have room in your head for that kind of thing.

Feel free to doze when you want to, they’ll wake you up when they need you.

Because I was going to be going down late, the anaesthetist said I could have a cup of coffee (not too much milk) at 9am, which was good. So when the anaesthetist comes to see you, do ask if you’re allowed to have anything to drink as you’re going to theatre so late. You never know, they might surprise you and say yes.

Afterwards, as for as much analgesia as you need. There are no prizes for putting up with agony so take whatever they offer you. Morphine is a GOOD thing!

And the very best of luck.

I told them as soon as I got there that I was completely stressed out, and knowing that I was 3rd or 4th on the list wasn’t helping, so please could I have something to calm me down. The anaesthetist prescribed some Temazepam for me, so at least I was able to relax and read a book until it was my turn.
Sarah x

Hi Bluebird,

I have PM’d you.

My best wishes to you for your surgery.

Helen xx