Surgery date

Hi all

I have just been given my surgery date which is 9.7.08 which is just going to be a day case thank god as I dont really want to stay in.Have spent enough time there this year. My second home i think. 4 Weeks and counting. I know it sounds stupid but I cannot wait for the surgery now. I want to get this thing out of me. I will having my last chemo tomorrow so i know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I would like to hear of other peoples experiences with their surgery.

Luv Chrissie xxxx

Hi Chrissie

I had chemo before surgery and felt exactly like you,just wanted it taken out of me.I had WLE and 21 lymph nodes taken with 4cm tumour in April,excellent prognosis ,nodes clear, started rads this week and having herceptin for next year.
I chose to stay over, although they said I could go,as I had never had general anaesthetic before and was quite anxious.
My surgeon doesn’t do drains so I did have some swelling called a seroma which is the fluid that the lymph glands normally drain,your body will drain it eventually but sometimes it has to be drained if it gets too uncomfortable,although they don’t like to do it too often in case of infection.
I hope your op goes well and we will be here.

Take Care