Surgery date

Today I received a phone call from one of the breastcare nurses who gave me the date of my Lumpectomy, April 2nd, I will be seeing my consultant week after next to go through the details and also will give me chance to ask questions. 

What sort of questions should I be asking?

This is all so new and I’m still getting used to the fact that I have BC.

Thank you.

Are you having some kind of neo adjuvant therapy or is there some other reason for the delay?

Hi Maryah


My surgery was slightly different…I had a single mastectomy and all lymph nodes cleared on 6th March…i was so shocked when I saw the size of my wound! I would certainly ask if there is any indication as to how big the incision  will be! (Unless you’re not worried about it of course! ?)

You could ask if they will be operating on your lymph nodes…how long your recovery will  be…if you need chemo…if you need radiotherapy…?

It’s a scary time and your mind goes blank so if you think of any questions-write them down and take the list with you…

Hope all goes well…stay strong! ???

Love Aneeebel x ??