Surgery decisions help!

Hi ladies I think I have decided on recon after single mx with a implant. As my boobs are so saggy the surgeon said he could lift the other to try and make them look the same but not put an implant in. I am so worried that its going to look ridiculous. I am kinda over the fact the infected boob will look terrible after surgery but im not sure about the other as I will have no nipple as well. I imagine that it will look like a grape has been popped in my chest lol … and there’s no going back… help what should I do xx

Hi Laww
I’m a little confused by your surgery. So you’re having mx with implant on cancer boob and surgeon wants to match up healthy boob at same time? ? Firstly the reconstruction of mx should look ok, not terrible. Secondly why would you have no nipple on the healthy boob? I think if they lift your boob they move the nipple, not remove it.
I’m having a mx with reconstruction by expanding implant. My surgeon is keeping his options open as to what I end up with as my boobs are currently 38D and have a 58year old droop. I think it’s a matter of pump it up to a normal size and then perhaps reduce and lift the healthy one so I end up with a matched pair more in the B/C cup size. I’d be happy with that as I’m only 5’ tall. They’ve not suggested it but I’m thinking that if everything goes well and cancer has not spread elsewhere then I may discuss having mx and reconstruction on healthy breast later. I have a lot of family history and I’d be happier knowing there was little chance of it returning.
You need to consider what’s important to you with your boobs and your age/relationships etc. For me, I’m 58 and been married 37 years and don’t expect anyone other than doctors and my husband to see my bust undressed, so I’m only concerned to look relatively normal when dressed. If I were 28 and looking for a partner I’d probably be more concerned about naked state. But at the end of the day your health and life is the most important thing.

Hi Laww. I am currently typing from my hospital bed having had an uplift and reduction on my healthy breast 8 hours ago. I had a mx 2 1/2 years ago followed by a Tug flap (using my thigh) reconstruction 6 months ago. They needed to allow time for the reconstruction to settle before matching my healthy breast. My boobs before cancer were a very droopy 34dd. I can honestly say the results are absolutely amazing and very natural looking and despite only being 46 this is the first time since having children that I have a pair of pert boobs. I think I will be a 36 C when it all settles down. Feel free to PM me your email address and I will send you pictures of my reconstruction and uplift.
Just a thought but have you thought of having a diep or tug flap reconstruction as they give very natural look. Good luck x