Surgery delayed

Hi I have just started on letrozole as my surgery had been delayed because of covid 

was ment to have op on the 4/1 

anyone else been delayed? 
so upsetting 

Hi Billybell,

Welcome to the forum. I’m not the moderator or from BCN, just someone who initially used the forum on my breast cancer journey (6 years ago) and now pop back primarily to give back. I’m sure the moderator will post soon, to welcome you.

Firstly you have come to the right place for support, advice and sharing the highs, sighs and the rest, of your breast cancer journey. I really feel for you having your op delayed due to the covid situation. As if dealing with a diagnosis of breast cancer isn’t stressful enough. Has your hospital been able to give you any indication as to when they hope or anticipate rescheduling? And has the hospital introduced you to and assigned you to a breast care nurse, since they may be able to provide some advice and support re your specific diagnosis, letrozole and the delay to your surgery if you haven’t already had such info from your oncologist? 

Regarding your question about whether this has happened to anyone else, you might be better posting in the ‘going through treatment, surgery’ section of the forum, since more women will be posting and reading in that location re surgery related matters. Or even better, ask the moderator to relocate this chain of messages to such a section?

You could also post in the ‘ask the nurses’ section since I’m sure the nurses at BCN will have a good awareness of how hospitals are currently managing operations given the high numbers of covid patients in some parts of the country. Alternatively you can also phone the nurses at BCN on the tel number at the top right hand side of the screen. Given you are understandably upset and worried the BCN nurse might be able to provide some support and/or reassurance and a bit of interpretation if you need it re your specific diagnosis, type and size of bc lump. 

I’m sure you have been informed that Letrozole is a form of hormone medication which helps block oestrogen from reaching the breast cells, since many of the more common forms of bc’s are oestrogen positive meaning it feeds off (lay-persons lingo!) oestrogen. So I presume the oncologist thinks this should keep it in abeyance until you have your op. Have they scheduled any follow up appointments or checks while you are waiting for the delayed op? Sorry for all the questions, I’m just thinking what I’d be asking in the current covid situation.

Sending you a big gentle virtual hug.

Seabreeze x           

Hi billybell

I found out today my immediate implant reconstruction scheduled for 26th January has been cancelled due to Covid!   Hopefully still scheduled to have mastectomy but don’t know for certain. 

I was all ready for the immediate reconstruction after weeks of researching/thinking about it.  It is very disappointing  :slightly_frowning_face:

Hope you get a new date for your surgery soon.

All the best.