Surgery in April?

Hi all,

I’m due to have an MX at the end of April, and wondered if anyone else going through surgery this month would like to share a post on the good and bad of it all, and support each other through it? You’ll see this was done in March this year, and it looks like a great way of being able to share our experiences with others who’ll understand.

I was diagnosed in Feb: 8mm Grade 3 invasive tumour, ER+, HER+ and not sure about PR+ plus 5cm DCIS. I’ve started on Tamoxifen. I’m not ready for reconstructive surgery and have been told I probably won’t need any other treatments post op, so in some ways I’m quite lucky.

I wish I was the only one having to go through this, but I know there are all too many of us out there in the same boat…

Hello, there is thread already, please join us

Christine xx