Surgery in August 2012

Hi All,
I finish my chemo on 23 July and right now the plan is for me to have my MX in August (final date to be confirmed). I am yet to decide whether to have an LD, TRAM or DIEP flap (i plan to have an immediate recon). Does anyone have any advice or experiences they wish to share.
The surgery is the most nerve wracking part of this whole process for me, i have to say i am dreading it…

Bringing this to the top for Raechi

Jo, Facilitator

Hi Rachel, I do not know if you have undergone your operation yet as I think your post has not been seen until today.
I had a mastectomy with reconstruction and LD flap. If you want to know more get back to me on here and ask any questions. I know other ladies on here have had the tram flap so hopefully they wil reply to your post too. Fee free to send me a private message if you want to. Val

Hiya val,
No op yet. Although I can’t have an immediate recon any more due to a blood clot :frowning:
So no recon for a good while.