Surgery July 2019

Hi, it doesn’t look like there is a Surgery July 2019 thread yet so let me start it off!

I am due lumpectomy and SNB on 15th July, this is my journey so far:

I found a small hard lump in my left breast in April and was referred as per guidelines. Mammogram showed it was nothing to worry about, everyone keeps saying I have very dense breast tissue. However, a very efficient radiologist found a subtle abnormality in my right breast. So the same afternoon I had tomography, ultrasound and biopsies. After 2 stressful weeks I got the news it is ductal carcinoma. I’m 47 so wouldn’t be due routine screening for a few years yet. It’s weird that the problem I went with was fine but lead to this diagnosis in the other breast. I feel very lucky it’s been found.I’ve been told it’s 17mm ER positive, HER2 negative. Originally a registrar said stage 2 but my consultant says it’s likely stage 1 but will not say for sure until after op.

MRI showed a potential 2nd tumour so I had a further ultrasound, luckily it was a couple of cysts which they aspirated.

so next step is surgery then radiotherapy followed by tamoxifen. Just want to get the op done now but starting to think a lot about what it will look like afterwards, will it be a lot smaller??

I’m very lucky to have an extremely supportive husband, daughter and close family. Friends have been great too and so far work has been very accommodating so I feel lucky as I know not everyone has this help.

Reading everyone’s experiences and advice on here has really helped me. It would be great to link up on here with anyone going through surgery around this time.


Hi Beanie47

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but pleased you’ve found the forum useful.

I started the May 2019 thread and was great chatting to woman going through surgery at the same time.

Although I’ve had my surgery I just wanted to pop by and wish you all the very best.

Love Mel xx

I’m due for surgery & SNB on 18 July. Mine came about after I was recalled after a routine mammogram. I’m told its been caught early - I didn’t think to ask what size it is.  I’ve been pretty calm so far but I did have a wobble today after appointments came through for magseed insertion on Friday and blue dye on Weds, the day before the op.


This is my first post although I’ve been folIowing the different threads since I was diagnosed in January and have found them very helpful and encouraging. I hope all goes well for you both for your surgeries next week. I’m due for lumpectomy at the end of the month then radiotherapy of course - I just hope my lymph nodes are clear and the margins! I don’t want any unwelcome surprises, I’ve already been on letrozole for several months to shrink my two small tumours (grade 2) and to avoid a mastectomy. Haven’t had any side effects, thank goodness.

Thank you for starting the July 2019 thread beanie47 - I was looking out for one.


Surgery was on the 12th, sent home yesterday. 

I was diagnosed in April, and then each time I went back for an appointment, the news got worse. From initially we think we’ve caught this early will just need a lumpectomy, to multi-centric multi-focal lobular carcinoma, to mastectomy, SNB came back positive so mastectomy turned into mastectomy plus full node clearance. Currently waiting for results from surgery and also an appointment for a bone scan, so more stuff to worry about!

currently feeling like frankenstein’s monster. 

Hi beanie47,


I am new to this and have just found your post. I’m really sorry to hear about your diagnosis - what a shock and thank goodness that radiologist was thorough. How was your surgery? I hope it all went as best as it possibly could and you have been doing well in your recovery. Do you have a date for results?


I am very grateful for you kicking off this thread. We share some similarities in our story. I found a lump earlier this year. I am 33 with no history so wondered if it was maybe something to do with my cycle but after a couple of months I went to get it checked. I’m exceedingly glad I did! I was diagnosed with suspected 1 or 2 grade IDC in left breast with scans showing size of 14mm on 27/06. It’s ER+ and HER2- like you. My consultant and hospital have been incredible. I feel very lucky. It’s been all go with fertility and MRI referrals happening pretty quickly and I’m having my lumpectomy and SNB tomorrow (22/07). I’m currently on Decapeptyl and Letrozole which was initially part of the fertility treatment but may continue post op. They have told me best case is the surgery and radiotherapy but understandably won’t commit to anything until we have the results from surgery. 


I’m pretty anxious about it but am looking forward to getting it out! I’d be so grateful for any advice you might have having just gone through the same. There is so much to process and wade through - sometimes it is overwhelming. Keeping very positive and I hope you are too. I am so pleased you have such a good support network - I also feel very blessed with how incredible my friends, family and work have been too. We are certainly lucky in that respect! Really glad to be in touch and wishing you all the best in your journey.




This is my first post since diagnosed but have been following some groups for a while. Had my surgery 17th and had a skin sparring mastectomy to right Breast and some lymph nodes removed with immediate reconstruction. I know it’s a bit different to yours but I have to say it’s not looking too bad so far, it’s been matched pretty well. My only worry is now having to have radiotherapy and the implant not looking as good as it does now, but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. My journey has been a long one so far. I was diagnosed 25th October at 29 with Triple Negative and started a gruelling regime of chemotherapy 18th December which finished 11th June. I have to say it’s nice in a strange way to be moving forward to the next stages. I’ll see my surgeon next week to find out the results of surgery. 


All my my best to all warriors fighting this fight ?

Hi there,

I was diagnosed last december with stage 2 triple positive breast cancer which had spread to my lymph nodes.  I have been through my chemo and its been a week since my surgery.  I had a lumpectomy, cause the chemo had worked so well and a full lymph node removal.  Im a bit sore obviously after surfery, but my surgeon has done a great job, you really wouldnt know i had just had a lumpectomy.  Just waiting on results now to see they got all of the tumour.

Sending hugs x