Surgery May 2019


Im booked to have lumpectomy on 9th May. Would love to connect with other ladies who are due surgery next month too ?

Mel x

Hi Mel

I’m seeing the surgeon on Tuesday and will be having my surgery in May. I’ve just finished 6 rounds of chemo. Are you having surgery first? What is your treatment plan?

Will be nice to connect, best wishes x

Hi Melanie


my surgery is 30th April, lumpectomy and SNB. Next treatment will be decided after they’ve checked the lymph nodes. I have grade 2 IDC Hormone positive. 


Would be good to share experiences. I live in Switzerland so my surgery will be here, 1-2 night stay here even for lumpectomy!


good luck with your treatment, the waiting is the hardest isn’t it?




I’m having a lumpectomy on Tuesday 8th May to remove high grade DCIS in my left breast. This was picked up on my 3rd yearly mammogram so very early. 

Hopefully my surgery will be soon. I’ve got a blood test tomorrow to check my iron levels are up, and an appointment with the surgeon on May 8th. Originally my surgery was expected to be mid April, but at my pre op blood test I was found to be anaemic. My treatment plan is wire guided WLE with sentinel node biopsy followed by radiotherapy. I’ve already started tamoxifen but may change to another hormone treatment after surgery.

My lumpectomy is on Wednesday 9th, starting to get a bit nervous about it and the following few days. Good luck to everyone going through treatment xx

Had my right boob removed 10 days ago and thought I would join the forum - partly as I wanted to confirm how surprisingly well I seem to be doing.  Although still a little sore I am moving my arm and shoulder far better than I expected - hope it continues!

That said I’m a complete wreck when attempting to look at my scar - would be the same if it was on my leg tbh. My dear daughter is checking me daily for swellings etc - so far so good!