Thought I would start this thread as I am having my TM op on Wednesday all being well. Having another blood test tomorrow as my neutrophils and white blood cells were too low for surgery when I had blood test yesterday. No surprise really as that’s happened the last 3 cycles of chemo. I have grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma which is ER positive and HER2 negative. 

Hello Linda, I’m having surgery this coming Wednesday too - 3rd October.  I was just received my diagnosis on 21st so I’m still getting m6 head around everything.  Thankfully I didn’t need chemo before surgery, but I’ll be glad once next week is over.  I have grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma, also ER+ and HER2-.  I hope you’re surgery goes well, and will be thinking of you.

The NHS are deciding how to spend 20 billion so please go to the Breast Cancer Now website to give your reason why it should go to BC. I have done this already.

Hi I think this is the place for me I am booked for Blue Boob on the 9th and then surgery on the 10th. This should be fun, so far just 8 cycles of FECT, then surgery,(1 lump removal, 1 boob resizing and the nodes) . Well as they say things can only get better . 

My op has been postponed so am awaiting a call from medical team to explain why but I think its due to my white blood cells being 1.99.

Hi All, 

Ihave been reading posts on the site for a few days and am ready to share and support, I received my final diagnosis last Thursday and had the sentinal lymph biopsy yesterday, recovering wel at home today - don’t normally get the chance for daytime TV! Friday I am scheduled to have my masectomy and temporary implant, all a bit nervewracking but I am feeling calmer now I have actually started the process. Wishing everyone the best and lots of strength and courage

My boob is very blue today and my face was a strange colour yesterday after the lymph node biopsy - I looked like a waxwork or manakin so be prepared for that.

Sale and Petra. Hope surgery went well? Mine is now in 2 weeks if my bloods are ok and if I get an echo done which i chased up today to no avail.

Hello all,

New to the forum … but not new to breast cancer! Had invasive cancer in left breast 3 years ago - lumpectomy and sentinal node removal then follow-up radiotherapy and letrozole. Was called back in May because of suspicious finding in other breast following yearly mammogram. After umpteen core biopsies, mammograms, ultrasounds and MRI stuff, has been decided I have one area of High Grade DCIS and another area that came back benign but looks very suspicious so being removed as well. Surgery planned for 15th October - finally! WLE x2 plus sentinal node removal then maybe follow-up radiotherapy. It’s been a very long stressful summer :womanfrustrated:

Magsv welcome. Sounds like this has been going on for a long time! My op is on the 22nd now. The gp is arranging an echo for me now at my local hospital in Somerset as surgery is at a different hospital. x

Thanks Linda - there’s so many abbreviations involved it’s like learning a new language ?. Just been spending time getting to know how the forum works as well. I really should have watched the introductory videos instead of just jumping in blindly.x

Petra hope your results were good?

Sale how did your surgery go last week?

My surgery is on the 22nd fingers crossed. I would do what you did as I got a second opinion after being told i needed a mastectomy and was going to see if I could have diep reconstruction at another hospital which was a 6 to 8 hour op with 3 months recovery. Anyway i am now having a therepeutic mammoplasty where I got a second opinion. The surgeon said don’t burn your bridges. Its a 1 to 2 hour op and 2 t0 4 weeks recovery and is day surgery although I am staying in for 1 night as I live such a long way away from where I am having the op. You can have a mastectomy if you need to but reconstruction is not recommended at my local hospital either immediately if you are having radiotherapy. I have had second thoughts too but am not too worried yet although as it gets closer I may be more worried and wonder if I am doing the right thing. I am not sleeping too well either so maybe its there at the back of my mind but just want it over as it has been cancelled once already. x

Well I survived surgery (although did feel really yucky for a good few hours after - I was the same last time too) . Ok was at 3pm and home - feeling a bit wobbly and out of sorts- by 6.30. I feel a thousand times better this morning tho after managing to eventually fall asleep ?.

There were a few hiccups pre op as, after the dye was injected, I mentioned that I was due to have 2 wires inserted, but turns out there was no appt for this as they thought I was having a mastectomy. Luckily it was a local holiday here yesterday and as it was very quiet an appt was slotted in. There was a bit more confusion when they looked at the charts and discovered 3 markers and not 2! The radiologist had to arrange a meeting with the surgeon (between ops) to work out where to put the 2 wires. Hopefully they chose the correct places ?. It was also a bit of a palava getting the wires in during umpteen mammogram position attempts- small breasts and large breast bones are not a good mammogram combination ?.

Two lymph nodes removed. District nurse coming to the house on Wednesday and Thursday to check dressings. Glad that part’s over. All NHS staff were wonderful - results in 2 weeks ??

Petra and Sals - I asked the nurse who inserted the dye if I could expect to be blue after reading your posts about it (I couldn’t remember that happening to me last time). She said that the stuff used in our hospital doesn’t contain the blue colour and thought that it was a different dye if it was injected during operation? I was just curious :sunny:

Thanks ladybowler

I think that some hospitals use blue dye and others (like mine) just use clear stuff? Googled it and other hospitals use both? Anyway- fingers crossed it works no matter what method used ?

I had two lymph nodes removed this time and wound doesn’t hurt at all - so far!. Last op (on other breast) I had 3 removed and still have pain there 3 years later. ??

It’s all on for Monday - fifth on the list but that could change. he starts at 8 & they are all small ops. Thought I would be later as staying in over night. Hows everyone doing?

Will be thinking of you on Monday Linda ?. I’m doing just fine after op - although the bruising is actually getting worse as the days pass (thought the lack of pain after op this time was too good to be true!).
The district nurse came to check the dressings and organised a prescription for waterproof ones as I found it difficult to keep the ones the hospital gave me dry in the shower. She’s arranged to come back on Tue to make sure all still ok with wounds. Isn’t the NHS wonderful? ?.
Just in that ‘no man’s land’ at the moment waiting for results and news of any planned follow up treatment etc. x

Thanks Magsv!
Good luck tomorrow Lootz28. I feel ok for tomorrows surgery still but no doubt will be a nervous wreck soon. Going to take a diazepam tomorrow before 6 am. Wheres your surgery? Mines in Surrey.x