Surgery options for people with existing augmentation / implants

Hi all 

I’m hoping this will reach someone in a similar situation as I have searched high and low for some advise and really struggling. 

I am 35 and was diagnosed with Stage 2 ER+ grade 3 breast cancer in December. I have today had my 14th cycle of 16 chemo sessions, and so far my ultrasounds have shown that my tumour is roughly the same size. All hopes were that I would be able to have a lumpectomy but I now don’t think that will be an option and a single sided mastectomy is more likely. I am due to see my surgeon on Thursday but wanted to do my research before seeing her so I can make informed decision for surgery. 

I currently have implants in both breasts that I have had in situ for around 4 years. My healthy breast has quite a lumpy implant in it which following numerous scans I’m reassured is nothing to worry about, however having been through all of this I would really rather have both implants out. Mainly just because mammogram machines struggle to accurately scan breasts with implants, especially in younger women, it has totally put me off having implants in. My ideal would then be for the mastectomy breast to be reconstructed using my own tissue rather than another implant and the healthy breast be lifted to match. I’m extremely fortunate that my healthcare is private through work but I still don’t know if they will offer this or if this is even possible.

Can anyone who had implants prior to their diagnosis share their reconstruction story with me please and any options they were given by their surgeon? 

Thank you so much! 

Hi @GR, many thanks for your post. We hope you are finding the forum useful.

It may be helpful for you to chat to one of our breast care nurses. You can find more info on how we can help here.

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