Surgery post chemo

Hi everyone

I am currently having chemo before surgery. If anyone else has had chemo first, roughly how long did you wait after your last chemo before you had Surgery? I am to have a single mastectomy after chemo which is due to finish on 18th Jan. I was just trying to get a rough idea of how long I would need to wait.

Thank you. I hope you all have a good week
Cassie x

Hi Cassie,


I also have had chemotherapy before surgery.  I finished chemo on 17th November. It is usual to have your mastectomy between 5 and 7 weeks after last infusion. I am surprised that your breast Care team haven’t spoken with you about it.  I’d suggest contacting your Breast Care nurse and asking her direct. Are you having reconstructive surgery?


I’m having a single mastectomy with DIEP reconstructive surgery at the same time on 9th January.





Hi Andi thanks for your reply. My surgeon passed me to the oncologist and said he would see me again nearer the end of chemo so I haven’t got there yet. I was concerned as my last chemo is due 18th Jan and my sister gets married on 2nd March so I wasn’t sure how that would fit in with surgery. I am planning to have recon at the same time but I’m also waiting on genetic test results as if I have a faulty brca gene then it may be changed to a double mastectomy.

All the best for your surgery x

Hi WhyteFawn - I’ll just add my timescales too. I had chemo first, 6 FEC-T, the last one was 31 March. Then I had single mx, node clearance and immediate recon on 5 May. Started radiotherapy on 12 June. I wish you all the very best with the rest of chemo and your surgery. Very happy to answer any more questions you may have.

Evie xx

Thank you for all your replies it gives me an idea how long I’ll need to wait after chemo. It’s a thank you. Just got back from chemo 4 first docetaxel. Fingers crossed for an easy ride.
Hope you are all ok x

I have my last chemo on 14th December. I was called in to see the surgeon last week and we have my operation booked in on 10th of January. I was told 3-6 weeks post chemo is ideal x

Thanks Cathysid. I hope you’re last chemo goes smoothly. I just have two left now so on the count down.

Have a lovely weekend x