Surgery Postponed :-(

After a verrrry long Pre Op today, just over 4 hours! It was very busy and was held up at every stage. Last stop was an appointment with Breast Surgeon before proposed lumptectomy and SNB on Wed 11th May, during the meeting she said that she was now unavailable on that day and I could either have my surgery performed by her Registrar, who I have never met, or a later date with herself. As I’ve never met the Registrar I chose the latter. Really disappointed as I just want it over and done with now. I was diagnosed on the 7th April after attending Breast Clinic for Mammogram, Ultrasound and Core Biopsy three days previously. It seems like an age since I was diagnosed and unlike some of you, I was told nothing about the grade, stage etc. after Core Biopsy and would need to wait until pathology results were back after my surgery.


Hopefully will get surgery in around two weeks.



I was 3 weeks after diagnosis to surgery and it seemed like a very long time ,I was offered an earlier date than first suggested and although it caused problems at work I said yes coz I just wanted it over with.

Hi Hazel.
I’m really sorry to hear that. What a horrible end to an already stressful day.
My pre op was also very long but the nurse I spoke to was absolutely brilliant. She really seemed to get my worries and explained everything in great detail. I then went to see the breast care nurses. My consultant was waiting for me which was a surprise as I wasn’t supposed to see him till later in the day. Luckily those specks I told you about which they found in my mammogram were benign which means the original plan is still in place. My lumpectomy is booked for next Wednesday. I have to be at hospital for 7. I am having radioactive dye injected then will have surgery late afternoon. He did mention chemotherapy, which wasn’t on the cards the last time I spoke to him. Nothing of course is set as they need to send the lump to America to be tested. I then spent a good hour with a breast care nurse who went through all the surgery and post surgery care with me.
I feel better knowing that those flecks were nothing to worry about. It’s good news as far as it can be for today.
I understand you wanting your surgery done by the surgeon you know. I would not want someone else to just step in. I’m just so sorry you have to wait for so long.

Where in Scotland are you? I was diagnosed middle of February and had surgery on the 25th March, was told by my surgeon that standard wait is 30 days maybe 31 (memory is really bad right now) my surgeon wasn’t available either so his registrar did my 1st op which I was fine with as I just wanted it over and done with. The waiting I feel is the worst part of it all but the time seems to just fly in between appointments x

It’s so nice to “meet” someone from nearby, I live in crail but go up to ninewells and I honestly cannot fault them and the care I’ve had so far. Thanks, I recovered really well after 1st op but this time round I’ve been floored. How are you feeling about your upcoming surgery? x

Have you ever been down the harbour to the little lobster shed? My dad and uncle own it :slight_smile: it’s been in the family for over 40 years. It is quite a distance especially since I don’t drive so the 1st couple appointments I went to I got the bus! It’s the one downfall of living in such a small village - nothing nearby. I found my lump last November after just doing a self check but Dr thought that because I’d just had a baby and being young that it was either a cyst or blocked duct so I wasn’t actually seen by the hospital til Feb 1st. I was only told what grade and that it was er+ after biopsy, it wasn’t til after the surgery that I got the size and also now her2+ result. Still haven’t been staged though but I think they are waiting for results of 2nd op to confirm it. I would say don’t be nervous about the surgery but that’s like telling a child not to touch something they aren’t supposed to (ie my daughter). It’s going to be scary not knowing what’s going on but take each step as it comes x

Sorry your surgery has been postponed Hazel. I would have done the same thing and waited for the consultant rather than the registrar. I’m going to ring my breast care nurse today to see what my next steps are. I wasn’t told anything about how the op went from the nurses on the day surgery ward when I left other than I have to keep my dressing on and dry for 5-7 days. I got a checklist saying my stitches are dissolvable so wont need to be removed and no heavy lifting for 21 days. My gp letter just says awaiting results for treatment plan but gives me no more information. 


It must be frustrating for you as we all know how stressful the waiting stage is so hopefully they’ll give you a date very soon 

kay xx

Hi Hazel. I would feel exactly the same about having my surgery postponed if it would have to be with someone you’ve never met. As for the grading and staging, the grading on a biopsy is only a guide as they can’t grade definitively until the whole lump is tested. Staging isn’t done until then either as they have to have all the info from the pathology reports



BCN just called with a new date for surgery, 18th May so it’s only been postponed by a week so I’m happy with that.


She was still quite “abrupt” on the phone but I managed to get a few questions in and apparently I will have waterproof dressings and will be able to shower as normal? I will get an appt for a week after my surgery to give me pathology results so that’s quite quick. I think I will err on the side of caution re showering but it’s good to know that if water accidentally splashes onto my dressings I won’t be so concerned.


Thanks for all your replies and support ladies.


Charys, I replied to your PM, not sure if you received it?


Hazel. x

Hi, I’m having lumpectomy 2 weeks today although was diagnosed on March 31st. Long wait but it means I get the consultant I met and liked. Could have had it sooner but would have been a locum surgeon. He said the wait won’t make any difference. 

Of course I’ll be ever so glad when it’s over but the time has gone quickly. One good thing, having to wait does give you time to accept it and make arrangements for hospital stay etc.

I’ve been told mine is ‘probably grade 2’ and only 9mm but that’s all. 

Sorry yours was postponed…very upsetting…but I think it is important to get the surgeon you want. 

Pat xx