Surgery postponed

Hi , I was due to have my surgery yesterday , double mastectomy and reconstruction , I mentioned that I had been bringing up mucus the last few days , they sent me home with antibiotics and I am rescheduled for Friday as they did not want to take any chances if I have an infection . Last night was terrible I had awful sleep , crying thinking that I was back home again and had been ready and anxious to go down rip theatre , I had the markings drawn and down on etc . Feeling very sorry for myself thinking when is all this going to be over ?

Hi Helen


Sorry to hear about this. Must be horrible to have it postponed especially when you have been building up for this,


I am due for a left side mascetomy with implant reconstruction for 14 Mar. I am waiting for written confirmation


Hope you get sorted this Friday.


All the best xx



I have just read your post and just wanted to send you a hug xx 


I can understand what you are going through as it is awful having built yourself up to the op however the hospital are making sure that they have your well being in mind because if there is a chest infection I would imagine it would not not be good to have an anaesthetic as it would hamper your recovery.


Helena xx