Surgery results wait

Hi all. I had my WLE lumpectomy yesterday. Home now and doing well, but i have been given an appointment for results. It’s 6 weeks away! Is this usual? I assume they will just be testing for clear margins and the 2 nodes they removed. Wondered if they’d allowed extra time in case they were sending tumour for oncotype testing. How lomg did you all have to wait please?

I had my results meeting 2 weeks after surgery. It was then I was asked if I would agree to an Onco DX test. I agreed, and that was another 2 weeks before I received the results. Best wishes and I hope this helps

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I also had my surgery yesterday and I’ve got an appointment for results in 2 weeks time. They didn’t ask me about any other tests though

I had to wait 4 weeks for mine, I was told it was because they have a shortage of pathologists where I live, I guess it depends where you are. I wasn’t offered onco test until I’d had all the surgery I needed as it was found in the lymph nodes they removed first time and had to go back for full clearance, those results then took five weeks to come back.

Hope you aren’t feeling to sore today and taking it easy.

Wishing you well

Thanks. I might go mad waiting 6 weeks! You are lucky having 2. How are you feeling after the surgery? Hope you’re doing well.

You’ve had a long ride so far @chillout365. I hope you are well on the way to your full recovery now. May i ask what your oncotype dx results were? I think I read it on another thread. I feel like now I’ve had my surgery, I’m starting again.

Feeling sore today but everything seems to be ok at the moment just taking lots of painkillers and no lifting or exercises. Then tomorrow I will gently start the exercises they recommended and build that up. Didn’t sleep well but I’m usually a tummy sleeper so I know I won’t be able to do that for a while

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I know this all started after a routine mammogram at the end of August. My onco result was 11 so much lower than the magic 25 lol.

Try to keep your mind busy you never know they may ring you for an earlier appointment if it’s possible.


@chellebelle you take it easy. I have been feeling ok but so tired. I tried the exercises cautiously and they seemed ok. I’m going to go for a walk tomorrow too. Rest up and take care.

Thats good @chillout365. I’m under 50 so I believe my score needs to be under 16. I’m going to try and be patient and hopefully an earlier appointment may cone up…perhaps that just booked that in so it’s done, but might bring it forward if possible. Good luck with it all

I’m in the US and knew my results in three days as far as my nodes went. Know my oncotype test results in two weeks.

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God bless our incredible NHS but it is stretched. Hope your results are reassuring @Kay0987. Goodluck.

It was a year and a half ago and I guess was as reassuring breast cancer results can be. Still cancer though :slight_smile:

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Hi there. I would ask your team why so long. I think there is a real postcode lottery on this. I am in Yorkshire and was genuinely amazed that I got my results after 9 days! That is obviously very lucky but it makes me annoyed that you should have to wait so long. Waiting is definitely the worst bit isn’t it. I really hope your recovery continues as well as it started and that it isn’t quite as long as suggested. X

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Thanks @blue80. I will ask. Im in Birmingham so huge nhs trust population ro serve, so appreciate they must be swamped. I wondered if it was a holding appointment and if they would contact me sooner if results are available. I’ll ask thanks.

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First time posting/replying hope I’ve done it right.
I had a lumpectomy and SLNB on 20th December and was told at least 4 weeks for results maybe more given it was Christmas. I went back to work after a week because I wanted to. And I was also happy that I could bury my head in the sand for a few more weeks! I rang the nurses 3 weeks post op though because I had some pain under my arm and she said ‘your results are in I could book you in tomorrow’. I literally went into meltdown and I said no as I wasn’t ready or prepared for them! Crazy i know, she was lovely though and booked me in for the end of last week. This actually made me feel a bit more in control somehow. I literally could have ran away the day of the appointment last week but I put my big girl pants on and went to the appointment and very luckily was told no spread to lymph nodes, no chemo and just the 5 sessions of radiotherapy plus the hormone therapy. I totally get the need to find out your results and why some people want to know as soon as possible but I was a total wimp. I wish you all luck for your results x

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@ck72 I’m glad your results were good news. Hoping mine will be too. Im hoping mine come sooner rather than later, and although I’m dreading the results, I am desperate to know what my next stage will be. Hope your next steps go well.

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That’s great news for you! What grade/type do you have?

IDC type 2 it was 16mm. I feel really lucky. I do have to have genetic testing with the familial cancer service as i have 2 sisters older than me and they have both had the same cancer. We also have other relatives who have had cancer. We have already had BRCA tests done on one of my sisters and we don’t have that but there’s other genes now. I’m hoping that it’s just a fluke for the 3 of us. The genetic testing can take 6 months to come back so I’m just going to bury my head about that as well for now x