Surgery Results :-(

Hi all had my surgery results and although I shouldn’t have been surprised by the results it still has me very concerned. I had a mastectomy and axillary node clearance and although I knew the cancer had spread to the lymph node above my collar bone I wasn’t expecting to hear that they removed 21 lymph nodes from under my arm and all 21 had cancer in them. The tumour in my breast was 35mm grade 3. And the ones in my neck have now grown too and I have a further one higher in my neck. I have my oncologist appointment next week and radio should start soon, I just hope that zaps what’s left, but I’m still worried :frowning:

Sorry to hear that and I can understand you are worried.

Did you have chemo first? If not and you are having it after rads then that should help to deal with any remaining cancer cells. Hopefully you will get your rads started soon,

Hi Nay212000

I’m sorry to hear about your surgery results. I completely understand how you are feeling as I have had similar results. I went to hear mine on Wednesday, but it was a preliminary report, so he just told me a sketchy outline. I had 23 nodes removed with 15 testing positive. I was so shocked I didn’t ask whether they still had cancer in them or had previously had it. He also said they found other lumps and the original was bigger than they thought! I’ve now got to wait until next Wednesday for the full report. How did your onc meeting go? X x