Surgery so scared

Hello so scared just found out my surgery is on Monday ? Really big anxiety any advice having bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction.

Hi Ellie. What kind of recon are you having? I found surgery a lot less traumatic than I expected and was terrified too.

Ruth. Xx

Hello Ellie,

I’ve not had a mastectomy, but I’m sure ladies will be along shortly who will be able to reassure and offer advice or answer questions. Perhaps you’d like to share a little more about all the anxious thoughts coming into your mind, and we could start supporting you on those?

Hi Ruth having expanders put in first and then implants later on, just so nervous about my surgery.

Hi Chary’s,
Thanks for your response. I guess I just don’t know what to expect , this has been so tough… just worried about the outcome, so many woman going through this…

Hi Ellie,

I had never had surgery before my MX and implant reconstruction and was utterly terrified too. I found it far easier to cope with than I had thought. I honestly imagned lying in bed and being in agony for weeks which was absolutely not the case. I think our imaginations go into overdrive while we are in the limbo of waiting for the next thing to happen. 


Do you have someone to look after you in the days when you get back home? One tip I was given from my BC nurse was to eat lots of good quality protein in the run up to the op and in recovery as this aids tissue healing. I had no issues.


I often say that although I’d rather have my (cancer free) boob back, I’m pretty pleased with the result. The docs can do amazing things.


Sending hugs

Ruth xx