Surgery this week

Hi ladies

I am having a therapeutic mammoplasty (right side) & sentinel node testing on Thursday (23rd). I think I’m feeling ok about it though fully expect to be terrified by Thursday morning! I just wondered if there was anyone else on here having surgery this week so we can support each other & compare stories.

Wishing you all lots of luck
Chris x

Hi Chris,there are 2 ladies on the thread "just diagnosed and wanting to talk to people who understand " in the just diagnosed section ,having surgery this week,also a few people at similar stage talking and offering each other support if you want to join us.Jill.

Hi Chris,
Having my op on Thursday (afternoon)…Therapeutic mammoplasty like you (left side). Having nodes removed as well. Not really sure what to expect or feel as consultation with surgeon seemed rather vague and I had to keep requesting information e.g how long is op likely to take? Can you tell me more about drains / cording. Do you have pics of what Breast may look like…But surgeon and Breast clinic nurse did answer all my questions, just thought that I’d be supplied with more information as not been through this before! Anyway, good luck for Thursday and as you say may be able to compare notes / offer support. Have you been given any good advice / tips of what to pack / take in to hospital with you? Did like the suggestion I saw of having a pillow/ cushion to use for return car journey

Good luck ladies.

I am having TRAM flap reconstruction later today. Hopefully this will signify the end of my journey. Although I don’t feel stressed or worried about the surgery I have been awake since 2am so my body obviously has other ideas.
Nick x

Hi Chris, Is your surgery this morning or afternoon? Just finished my breakfast before the 7am cut-off! Hope the hunger pangs don’t set in before this afternoon. Whereabouts are you based if you don’t mind asking…would be v strange if we ended up in the same ward today. I’m in Surrey.