Surgery to natural breast

I have finally got my date 13th October. I am having my natural breast reduced and lifted and nipple reconstruction on the implant. I am wondering what to expect after surgery such as how much will I be able to do and how long I will need to have off work. The secretary says I may be in overnight. I would love to hear from anyone who has had this.

Hi Rebeldog - sorry I can’t really help but just wanted to say good luck for your surgery next week!  I will be going through the same in December or January so I would be really grateful if you could let me know how you get on? 


The only piece of info I have to go on regarding time off work is that my surgeon said it might be 3 weeks after the op before I can drive, if that helps you at all? 


Hope all goes well x

Thank you. I will let you know. Can’t believe it came so quick the surgeon took some pursuading and I only saw him in August .

Hi I had WLE and large bilateral reduction 7 weeks ago.
My experience was:
Lot less painful than I expected, paracetamol and ibuprofen was fine. Arnica worked brilliantly for swelling and bruising.
It’s still very tender now 7 weeks on.
What could I do afterwards?
Surprisingly little but it was both sides. Straws, plastic cups, lighter to lift, things on low shelves etc.
I was a lot more tired than I expected, drove after 4 weeks which was ok but made my arms ache.
Managed to get back to office work after 3 1/2 weeks but very careful lifting anything.
Dog walking ok as he’s only smallish.
I was very careful, mainly as I was paranoid about splitting the incisions over and also I was tired after the long operation. I was in 2 nights but my operation wasn’t till mid afternoon.
Please message me with any questions you have, good luck xx

Ps front fastening short pjs and bra were so useful, also bought lots of face flannels for washing when I couldn’t get incisions wet x

Hi I had dressings on in hospital which were removed on the morning of discharge along with one drain on the side where I had the largest reduction. I had glue so no external stitches, was allowed to get them wet after 3 days but I chickened out and just had face flannel washes the first week. Not ideal but I managed to feel clean afterwards, baby wet wipes were also a massive help!
Driving wise I found it made my arms ache so only did short journeys. Also found opening closing car door hard as had not much strength in my arms.
But 7 1/2 weeks later things much improved, still tender on one side but am overall very pleased with the result X ask anything else you can think of

I had a therapeutic mammoplasty to my affected breast as they had to operate a second time due to not having a clear margin after the lumpectomy. I was advised to allow at least 3weeks and not to raise my arm above shoulder height for 2weeks. They generally keep you overnight because you have a drain in. I will need this on the other side too once my chemo and radiotherapy is over. Good luck xx

Can’t tell you if its longer than this though as I only had the operation a week ago.

Thank you both. Some people think u am mad having more surgery and the consultant and nurse who finally rang both say it may droop again and that the nipple reconstruction could infect the implant and I might have to have it taken out its good to hear from someone positive. I am nervous but I need it for me if that makes sense.


How did it go? Was it painful? Do you have any sensitivity left in the nipple and breast?

I would be very grateful if you could give me an idea. I m booked for 5/11.


Giuliana hope all goes ok. Had my dressings off today I pleased. The implant look s more normal. Can’t wait for the tattooing x