Surgery to Radiotherapy

Hi all,

Can you tell me how long you waited from your day of surgery to your 1st day of Radiotherapy.

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Mine was around 7 weeks

I had lumpectomy and node removal and 5 x radiotherapy sessions.



i waited 12 weeks. I had a lumpectomy and 5 radiotherapy sessions. 

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Hi - I had surgery 17th Nov & have first oncology appt next week, which will be 8 weeks.  I believe it will still be a few weeks after that before treatment actually starts. I was told deadline to start is maximum of 12 weeks so I’m getting a bit anxious that they will miss that target.  Unfortunately Christmas & Covid are adding delays into the process.   I think it varies tremendously between different hospitals as well.  I’m in Birmingham.

I had surgery on 22nd November. I had the radiotherapy specialist appointment to go over what to expect and to outline my treatment plan (this is when some see Oncology). I have had the preparation/planning/tatoo appointment and start radiotherapy on Tuesday for 5x days. Seems too soon for me, healing of the lymph node surgical cut is very slow. But they are going ahead.

@country_bumpkin  Mine was 13 weeks & 2 days & I found the delay very stressful. Xx

I had surgery 21st September 2021 a lumpectomy and lymph node removal. Started radiotherapy on 1st December 2021 10 sessions.

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