Surgery to remove a papilloma

I recently underwent surgery to remove a papilloma and a cyst. The surgery was wire guided and carried out under a GA and an incision was made around my nipple. The surgery went fine and the subsequent biopsy came back clear but I am curious how long it has taken others to recover completely from this procedure? It all looks fine, not red, swollen or hot but it’s still incredibly sore even after 3 weeks. If I catch it when putting my coat on or rolling over in bed it’s sooo painful and is really sore and sensitive to the touch. I struggle to carry heavy bags and can’t even think about going back to the gym yet. I’m keen to hear about other people’s experiences, is this normal or should I go and see my GP? I didn’t really get much feedback from my surgeon. Thanks so much everyone.

Hi Han1000, I have just had the same proceedure carried out last wed (4th Nov). Initially, four weeks ago,a large cyst in my left breast was aspirated and a needle biopsy was taken to identify a papilloma within the cyst. My incision is about 8cm horizontally, 2cm’s above my nipple. The surgeon has noted a large haemorrhagic cyst was identified in the specimen? I’m a bit concerned as to the implications of this. Anyway, wanted to let you know that I am still a little sore when I feel the wound (on top of the dressing) but not too bad at all. I have been shopping today and I’ve been fine. Also, no trouble rolling over in bed. I don’t know what is normal but I think you should just check with your GP to put your mind at rest. I only have small boobs, could this be a factor? I go back for my results on 19th Nov. Hope I’m as luck as you to get the all clear. Hope you get back to normal very soon.
Best Wishes
Jackie x

Found out today that I am to have surgery to remove a duct due to papilloma. I was worried about time off from work and the surgeon said just the day of the op and the next day - do you think this is realistic in your experience?
I had a lumpectomy 2 years ago but I am concerned this will be more sore (that was suprisingly not massively painful but was on the underneath of my breast) - the core biopsies I had into the nipple were very sore.