Surgery tomorrow. Feeling terrified!

Well I’ve been brought forward for my surgery! ( I’m due to have lump removal and lymph nodes) It’s happening tomorrow had the last few days rushing round for pre op appointments etc.
During my tests for the herceptin trial I was due to take part in they discovered I have a faulty heart valve- never had any symptoms etc… To say I’m relived things are moving quickly I’m soo scared of surgery and have this horrible feeling that’s something is gonna go wrong - I do usually have really good but instincts so to say me being worried is an understatement! Not helping that my youngest two are playing up, upset and upsetting me too!
Anyone else felt like this?

Hi Sazza

you echo my thoughts of last year when I started my journey. I too feared not waking from the anesthetic…but what choice do we have…and the silly thing is I am a nurse and know the very slim and I mean very slim chances of anything going wrong. It is natural we fear everything at this time… just trust it will all be good…and the procedure does not take that long.

The herceptin will still hopefully go ahead once you start your chemo…with regular scans of your heart.If you cannot have the herceptin there are alternatives.

Just think this time next year you will have completed your journey and this will all be  in the past

Take care and good luck

You will be fine



I was told I’d need chemo as well for between 4-6 months but don’t have a set plan- to people who don’t know me I may seem a little naive but this thing has taken nearly two months off me already with the stress and worry it has caused, my job and gonna put me in a very difficult financial position because I lost my job.
Taking control is what I do best and I need to get control back from it - I know I’m having herceptin for 12 months afterwards and hormones for 5 yrs - my treatment changes from who I speak with so once I’ve had surgery I want to speak with the oncologist to answer questions my breast nurse skirts round and the nurse doing my pre op changed my diagnosis completely!
I just need that elimant of control and not let it run my life - I wont let it or take my hair even tho I’ve noticed more grey than I had before! X