Surgery Tomorrow

Hi All
Going in for surgery tomorrow, lumpectomy and node clearnace, feel ok at the moment, helping hubby lay new flooring in the hope it gets done before I come home!! Taking the usual in for hopefully a one night stay, any tips re keeping clean and hopefully fresh smelling while got drain/wound would be welcome, a would any spare hugs going. Good luck to all having surgery, treatments and lots of love.

Donna xx

I took in deodorising wet wipes for sensitive skin for under arm areas (I had no underarm cut as it was an MX) and sensitive baby wipes for nether regions…used them whenever I felt manky.
Small size water bottles for drinks, and a cushion to use between me and seat belt for journey home… I slept first night with my affected ANC arm on a pillow and have tried to keep it above my heart level whenever resting - so far so good…
Good luck, thinking of you…

Sascha’s advice needs nothing added to it so I am just sending you some hugs. Fingers crossed you’ll sleep in your own bed tomorrow night. Having said that, I spent 5 days in hospital waiting for drains to come out after mx and never felt anxious to get home. Staff are generally wonderful and bc nurses are very supportive.
Wishing you a decent sleep tonight and a speedy return home tomorrow.
Much love ( and some more hugs )

Just an update drain out today :slight_smile: and infection in :(, thought I was being a wimp feeling so rough but hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon.

Hope everyone as well as can be

Donna xx