surgery tomorrow!

hi ladies hope u r all doing well. surgery tomorrow very nervous trying to keep a brave face on it x

Good luck and I assure you the professionals know what they are doing. And just think, after surgery the cancer will be gone gone gone. Good blooming riddance, I loved it when I woke up and realised it was gone. Banished and languishing in a path lab then incinerated…burn in hell cancer!
Let us know how you got on when you can
All the best

Wishing you well. I woke up one week ago today after my mastectomy and have to say the doctors and nurses are all so nice, caring and supportive. It’s scary waiting but great to know its all gone when you wake up. Sending you rainbows of love xx

Good luck Maggie 281. x

Good luck Maggie, I had surgery today and am home. Xx

I know it will probably be too late for you to read this before you have your surgery but just want to wish you luck.

As Rara says, it’s great to wake up after the surgery and realise the cancer’s gone. A scar and some bruising is a small price to pay for getting rid.

Love and hugs. Maggie xx

thanks girls in hosp from 7.30 am and have been told its not happening til the afternoon. so thirsty!

Good Luck Maggie :slight_smile: x

Hope it’s all gone okay Maggie x

I’m not surprised you’re thirsty, especially on such a hot day.

I was in hospital at 7:30, nothing to eat or drink from midnight. At least I had my op in the morning…just (it was 11:30)

well thank goodness that bit is over heading home soon. have to come back over on monday as there were a few complications x

Wishing you well Maggie xx

Dear Maggie,
Hope you have had some rest and recouperation this weekend. Good luck with Monday’s app. x

Hi everyone getting my results on Tuesday at 2.15pm. The more I look at the incision the more worried I become when I was first diagnosed on the 14th June I was told it was a 1.5cm tumour, idc. I measured the incision it is four inches long and he had to move the nipple as well. I have had no feedback as to why he made such a big incision for such a small tumour. Does anyone have any idea why this would be?
Trying not to get into a panic over it.
maggie x

Hi, maggies just a thought is it to get good clear margins or even just good access to tumour? They do have a good look so must have to make good incision , so long as its all out I wouldn’t worry, xx good luck with results x

Hi Maggie, although my tumour was only 8mm my horizontal scar is 8/9cm long and I no longer have a nipple. I was warned that I would lose my nipple and quite a bit of breast tissue (the op I had in Jan this year was a quadrantectomy) obviously due to the position of the lump. I was given the choice of WLE or mastectomy and told the survival stats were the same. I chose the WLE as I knew I could have a mastectomy later if necessary. They achieved clear margins, no node involvement and no vascular invasion so no chemo, 15 sessions of rads and 5 yeRs of Anastrozole. The scar has healed beautifully and although I am now slightly lopsided the difference, when clothed, is barely noticeable. I do have a partial prosthesis but rarely use it. I am pleased with the results of my treatment and am getting used to the “new me”. Hope you get good results on Tuesday, best wishes Pat x

Thank you Lois and Pat for your replies, I think it is this waiting that is doing my head in. I am not a worrier by nature but I havent seen the surgeon apart from the morning of the op before I went to theatre he had me sent down for more scans as he said he didnt want any nasty surprises when he went in to operate. When the nurse went to change the dressing the next morning the nipple had started to lift off it has thankfully taken alright now. I just didnt expect him to have to move the nipple or the incision to be so big. I am barely a B cup so there is not a lot left of the breast now. I am sure that it is because he wanted to get clear margins and he has a great reputation as a breast surgeon but a little bit of feedback would have been nice.
I just hope that is the end of the surgery and I get my treatment plan on Tuesday it cant come quick enough.
Love Maggie xx

Hi Maggie

Obviously a lot depends on the location of the tumour and each case is different.

The waiting really is awful…perhaps it was just as well that my results appointment was brought forward!

I hope you don’t need more surgery…unlike me xx