Surgery tomorrow

Hi all getting nervous now as my surgery is tomorrow afternoon. The start of kicking breast cancer into touch. Then after to wait again for results of pathology. Still unsure what type I’ve got as I know it’s not hormonal. Grade 3 was given but may change. I’m having a lumpectomy wle and sentinel lymphnode removed. Thinking of you all going through same thing because now I know how you feel. X

Good luck tomorrow Abella ,fingers crossed this time tomorrow you will be home in your own bed and will have got rid of the ****** !!!

All the best Abella, Surgery is pretty straight forward and you will soon be on your way home ? Waiting is hard but try and put that to the back of your mind while you rest and recover , one step at a time Xx Jo 

Thank you x

Thanks jo x

Good luck for tomorrow! I found the surgery to be much less of a “big deal” than I had imagined it would be, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’ll be home and feeling comfortable in no time :slight_smile:

Caroline x

Hi Abella - good luck for tomorrow - will be thinking of you - my surgery is scheduled for 24th Sept as I’m still waiting on some biopsy results from another ‘suspicious’ area found after MRI scan. Hope all goes well for you (i’m sure it will). Sending love and hugs.



Hello Abella


Best of luck for tomorrow, like others have said, I also found the surgery much easier than feared …was home the next day as I was late on the list ! Usually it’s an in and out thing, hope you sail through it and look back to say ‘it was OK really !!’ 


Hope by this time tomorrow you will be all sorted.


Thistle x 

Warm hug and warm wishes Abella.  We shall see you afterwards, we’ll be here waiting for you.


Hugs x

All the best Abella. I echo comments here that the surgery is OK xxx

Thank you all x
Operation went well removed the lump and 2 lymphnodes I’m a bit uncomfortable today but I’m doing ok. I was afternoon surgery went to theatre at 1.30 pm back on ward about 5pm then back home about 8 pm. Even though I’m on a diet the donor meat and chips was lovely. Now time to recover. If anyone is waiting for surgery i know it’s easy to say be positive but it’s hard but I promise you its a relief to know that the journey to kick bc as started and the operation was not too bad. Xxx