Surgery yesterday

Feeling a bit emotional today after yesterday’s lumpectomy. Breast looks very misshapen. Will it even out? Waiting for district nurse to take drain out and hopefully she is going to change dressings they are very bloody!
Didn’t sleep last night I had acid reflux really bad every time I laid down and a friend who said she would stay the night didn’t.
How long after the op does radio start and does anyone know what “one blue node, one non blue node”. I know it’s to do with the dye but am wondering if it means the lymph node is cancerous!
Sorry to be on such a downer today. Will smile tomorrow. Blessings to you all xx

Hi Suza

I’m sorry you feel so upset today. I remember feeling the same after my surgery. It will take time to heal. I took the painkillers religiously for a couple of days as it was so painful, but then it settles down and after 2 weeks I was pretty much back to normal.

I’m sorry I can’t answer your other questions but I’m sure there will be ladies on here who can. I’m currently having chemo and so have not started rads yet. There never seems to be any rush in my experience! 

If you are offered any help from family or friends then take it as you may struggle for a short while.

Look after yourself x

Hi Suza.g

It must all be so confusing and worrying to you. It is ok to have ‘downers’ we all have. Thankfully there are so many ladies on this forum, who can help, share, advide and give you virtual comforting hugs.

I am wondering, as you are just post surgery, whether someone on the Surgery thread might be able to answer your questions better, than I can.

Here is the link to that section - perhaps post your question there?


Sue x