Has anyone had surgery to their spine who could tell me all about it please.
Alli x

Just bumping this up!

Do you mean back surgery as in LD flaps or are you thinking of actual spinal surgery? I think lots of members have had the former but I am not aware of how many people have had surgery to the actual spine.

If your question is related to LD back surgery I am happy to help

Jane x

I think, Alli, you are referring to surgery on your back because of bone mets? I know there are a couple of people who have had this done - not me (I’m a liver mets lady!). Think one of the things you can have done is vertebroplasty where they inject cement into the crumbling vertebra. A lady called Angee had this done (last year??) -I haven’t seen her post recently though. I think she described it though in one of her threads about a photography project she was hoping to do. I’ll see if I can find it and “bump” it up for you.

Kay x

I’m having my surgery on the 4th August.I have a collapsed vertebrae due to a tumour.They are pinning my vertebrate above and below the damaged one.Talking to my surgeon on Monday,so not had any in depth information yet and wondered if anyone had had this surgery.
Alli x

hi Ali

Do you want to send me an email to home. I’ll try and email you direct.


Hi Alli

Did you find the other thread I “bumped” up for you? Its called “Bone Mets”. Have just posted on it again so if you look under latest posts for this date and time you should find it - Angee gives quite a lot of detail about her vertebroplasty but there is also some mention of other surgery on the spine.


Hi Alli,

I meet a young woman regularly at the Marsden who has had just that procedure and it was very successful - she said she was thrilled cos she could wear high heels again :slight_smile:


Thanks Dawn and Kay-I’ll have a look at that thread now. x

Hi Allicat,

I’ve had surgery on my spine - titanium to be exact and a wonderful spring like thing that looks like a film case, and like yours it is supported above and below the affected vertebrae.

By all means contact me if you want to know more.

Take care

Hi all, I’m new on this forum, I’m 46, I’m from Italy and I’d like to tell to Allicat about my experience.
On july 2008, I had surgery on my spine for a BC metastasis growing on the back part of the T11, T12 and L1 vertebras, on the laminas, to be exact.
They removed all the tumor they could see, made a laminectomy of the three sick vertebras and set a titanium bridge over my T12 vertebra (the most affected).
The cancer was near to paralize me, I still remember the scan result: … makes a gentle pressure on the spinal cord, whitout penetrating it.
I really think that, if not operated, I’d be typing this post from a wheelchair.
I had a lot of pain after surgery, but finally it came out that the the i.v. morphine wasn’t working.
They sent me home 8 days after surgery, and for 4 months I had to wear an hard plastic bust when standing; I needed help for everything at first, but I managed much better after two or three weeks.
Just one month later, a MRI showed that the cancer was restarting its growth.
I underwent radio in august and chemo, vinorelbina first, then capecitabina, I finished just yesterday.
I work full time, do my homeworks (not the hardest ones), my scans re ok, I’m NED and happy to be!
Allicat, all these words are only to tell you that being frightened doesn’t help. Have faith in your doctors, their work is helping us all using all their knowledge and fitting it to every single case.
Hope you are fine, hope the same for all of you.
Sorry for my English!