My surgery is tomorrow Monday 16th January, is anyone else having surgery tomorrow???

Hi Lyn

I am having my surgery on Tuesday but am going in tomorrow due to me being so anxious.

Good luck for your surgery hope all goes well.

Deb xxx

Thanks Deb

I am anxious aswell hope they sedate me before hand, good luck for Tuesday and im sure we both will be
Where are you based?? i going into a hospital in Glasgowxx

Hi Lyn,

I am in Leicester, what are you having a lumpectomey or mx? I am having mx.

I am sure we will be fine looking forward to getting it over and done with now one less thing to worry about.

Deb xx

sending you both hugs for your surgery.

how come you are going in day before because of being anxious, i havent heard of that. i was too but they didnt ask me to come in day before.


Its a long story but to cut it very short, before I was diagnosed with bc before christmas I was recovering from a nervous breakdown which I have now gone back to square one with since diagnosis, I am under mental health team and also on lots of medication so I need to be monitored with meds before op as I cannot stop taking them.

Deb xx

Hi Lyn

My MX is Thursday so there’s a few of us under the knife this week. I’m last on the list on the day and am not being admitted until 5pm on Thursday. Have arranged for a very late might with friends the night before so I oversleep Thurs morning (well that’s the plan anyway).

Lots of hugs for you.

Twinky x

Hi Lynn

I had my surgery on Thursday and I just thought I would let you know it wasnt as bad as I had imagined. I went in hospital at 7 am and it was a long day until I got operated on at just after 3pm. I dont remember anything after they said you will now go to sleep until I woke up in the recovery room. I went home at 7.30pm and I have been fine ever since. The district nurse came yesterday and took my dressing off and said she doesnt need to come again as I am so well … I was so scared and anxious before the ‘op’ but now I feel very relieved and will take anything they throw at me ha ha… I wish you well and a speedy recovery… do let us all know how you are going on
Suzy x

Hi Deb, just to wish you luck with your surgery. I had a mastectomy and sentinal lobe out on Jan 9th and have been back home since Tuesday.The anaesthetic was not as scary as I thought it would be; I told myself as I drifted off that the next thing I would hear was a nurse telling me it was all over, and it was. I was really well looked after for the next couple of days and I am sure you will be too; I think this sort of thing seems to bring out the kindness in people.I had a couple of drains in and these came out on the 3rd and 4th day, a bit of advice from the nurse who took them out:deep breath in and a long slow breath out as they remove them- worked for me. Back home and spent a couple of days under the duvet on the settee, really dont try and do anything,except the physio exercises, very gently.You will soon be in the same place and on the mend- think this time next week. All the very best. x

Hi a little late I know. I also had op on 16th a therapeutic mammoplasty to remove 2.9cm tumour and breast reduction plus a lymph node dye thing ( can’t remember what it’s called). Went really well in hospital until the Wednesday and all stitches now out and healing well, although slight blue tinge to side of breast which might be bruising ir might be de traces. Much less pain than I originally thought so not dreading second op when it eventually happens. Hope yours went well and you’re on the road to recovery.


I have only registered with the forum today. Looking to find out more about peoples experiences of surgery. I am having a mastectomy of L breast and full axillary clearance with immediate reconstruction on 29 Feb and am going for a further appointment with plastic surgeon tomorrow as could not make a decision as to which procedure to choose when I was at hospital last thursday.

I have read so much info I think Im going insane!!