Hi, I’m 40 with TNBC & brca1 had single mastectomy & awaiting bilateral diep recon. Currently having radiotherapy but wondering if anyone has been in this situation. I’m a size 10-12 & worried if I will have enough tummy for a pair of boobs & also if the scar across my tummy would stop me wearing a bikini. I’m torn between having 2 neat scars across my breasts without recon or having recon & having a big scar across my tummy & breasts. Any advice would be great, thank u xxx

Hi Ann,

Like you I also have tnbc, with brca1 gene. I’m due a bilateral mastectomy, with the option of implants or diep flap. Have you not been offered implants? Like you I am also concerned about the stomach scar. Although my plastic surgeon advised the scar will be below your bikini line. All the best in your decision.

Hi Naz,
Thank you for replying, I haven’t been offered implants as I am having radiotherapy & was advised this could damage an implant so had a mastectomy. I now don’t have the skin to cover an implant. I was told I would have double mastectomy with immediate recon, then because I need radiotherapy I was told single mastectomy & recon a year after so my tissue, scar etc has settled & healed. I’ve now seen another surgeon who has said they should have done a bilateral mastectomy & wants my other breast off ASAP. Which would mean me going flat for a year & the only option would be to use my own skin & fat etc. I hope your treatment has gone well & let me know what you decide with regards to your surgery. Best of luck xxx